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Arubia, Sin... Whatever he decides to call himself... Is in fact my only true friend on here and to put it simply is... If you fuck with him, hurt him, or piss him off I will make you my personal target to distort warp and generally fuck with until you loose your damn mind.

If you hate me and want me to leave then click here.

Relationship status:Just ask I'm not going to update the world since I know better than to believe someone will really care.

Mood: MINE!!!

Word of the day: lazy

Phrase of the day: You're FIRED!!!


Zidane is my idol and if you have something bad to say about him then take those words and shove them up your ass.

$ The last of us... (Open)
$ Lost God Returns (semi-lit)
$ how is this possable?
$ How can she love a demon?
$ Nightmares are my dreams
$ We are the last wind(please join.)
$ can this be true?

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