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+ Dreamcacher lies
+ Tom + Kimi 1x1 (g closed)
+ They Never Cared Before (2+1)
+ Orihime and the hollow orihime
+ (Closed)
+ Love the taste of candy canes (chat anyone who loves christmas!)
+ The Moon changes at day
+ Zombiegirl in love with the living (need guy
+ Bored music chats
+ what am i?
+ Neko High (fall in love join if you'd like)
+ Neko Naruto Charater chat
+ I want to just fit in (i need 2 guys and one girl)
+ Blair and Chuck are they really ment to be (need a chuck Bass a Nate and Serena)
+ Kimiko Yuki (1x1..)
+ Stella and the new guy 1x1 (need guy)
+ Beach Fun

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