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Role Play Profile

Hello My name is Envy...come a little closer and read the rest of my profile...I have to get to regulating these bitches. >_> Get on my bad Side I wont hesitate to put you in your place.>_>

I Like and love numerous things.

Waffles are on the top of that list. ^_^

Name: Envy


Age: 20 Years Old

Gender: ?

Things I adore: Video game,reading,Zombies, beyblades anime and cooking.

Things I hate: Pancakes

Loves: Waffles. ^_^

Adored Color: Green,black,light blue and white.

Favorite Song: I have many

Sexuality: I Forget. ^_~

D.O.B: 12/18

Relationship status: Single >_<

Quote: "Never envy a beautiful person,a lead pipe Is
always the solution to their downfall.

If you leaving my profile than,

My Dedication as a zombie fan and Ultimate role playing moment

pm Siggy

The most Fun I ever had in a zombie game beside BEST FUN I EVER HAD IN A zombie game was resident evil outbreak. That is a true zombie online actually go threw a entire city and have to figure out where to go on your own no hints no save location nothing. If one person have to leave and they want to pay with us again they will spawn back in the same section. So the crew could be halfway across town and she has to walk all the way to meet up with us. Also if you hurt by a zombie,via bite or scratch u will get a % meter it will progress over the course of the online game till u eventually become a zombie. Then u can actually attack your friends. Me I saved my teammates from getting killed by a B.O.W and I got infected.We lost aot of good people on the way to the end of the game. So when we got the the end of the game we did not find a cure. So rather leave Raccoon city and risk infecting everybody else when I transform I made the ultimate sacrifice. and stayed behind. Now all of you say that Isne't noble. So when the game ended we got me and Jim's ending. Now tell me I did not go out like a real zombie apolocaples killer. In this video I am about to show you I am Kevin aka the guy in the police outfit. Now tell me what do you guys think of what I did for the rest of the surviving teammates.

Ring ring ring ring
Faster way to contact me is via Skype if i'm not on ES.


$ Beyblade Rp/Game
$ Beyblade Rp/Game OOC
$ School days. (day 1)
+ Kids Next door Treehouse
$ Girl's Only Occ

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