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Role Play Profile

Art!? FOR ME?!

About me?

I'm a returning ES rper, one from back on the OLD ES. From a time when "Ifreat" was a threat to the site. From a time when erotica was allowed, then no longer allowed and had been moved to what was then C_Loveless.
I'm not sure how many of you even know what that all means, but if you do... Hey! Long time no see?

Anyway.. I'm a semi-lit roleplayer that tends to stick mostly to original storylines, but I sometimes dive into premade settings, though almost always with original characters.

I tend to use anime/drawn pictures more than real life ones, but really I'll just use whatever.

Feel free to message me! I'll do basically anything:
MxM (Top, bottom, or switch)
FxF (Top, bottom, or switch)
MxF (I'll play either)
Trans* characters

Non-Humans (vampires, demons, furries, etc.)

Slice of life
School life (teacher or student)

Character Ideas

$ ғor nιgнтѕĸyғoх

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