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Formally known as RamaAmor and currently obsessed with South Park
[shrugs in spanish]

Name: Call me Cookie
gender: female
sexuality: bi
fave food: Sushi
Fave animal: SNAAAAAAKES
ES status: eh
RL status: I have a boyfriend. I don't know how.
Current situation: Depressed, broadway and Hetalia trash
Future job: Animator
Current projects: Wings (original story and world and shit), Insanity (edgy pokemon), animobsters, Ocean's Song
Into: Pokemon, yaoi, yuri, furries, redwall books, splatoon, fantasy and DnD, anything mogeko/deep-sea-prisoner related, much MUCH more-
Rp policy: Check out my search and see if you like anything on there!
skill: Semi-lit, I'm slowly getting better.
Random thing: "Tea is just gay coffee." - Shoe0nHead 2k18
Warning: I like dramatic roleplays, peaceful ones are kinda boring. So if I make a post that makes the plot take a dramatic turn and you dislike it, tell me. I'll delete it and make another post.

I'm in the mood for a yaoi rp, especially one with half-humans like nekos and stuff, pm me if you have an idea.

Eff off (jk)

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$ 1x1 with KathyCross
+ Corridor of dreams
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+ 1x1 rp search
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$ Fujoshi/Fudanshi chat
$ Next Generation (closed to Askthestaff)

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