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Formally known as -KushalaDaora- and currently obsessed with Funamusea and DnD
[shrugs in spanish]


Name: Call me Cookie
gender: female
sexuality: bi
fave food: Sushi
Fave animal: SNAAAAAAKES
ES status: eh
RL status: aaaaaaaaaaand I'm single again-
Current situation: Depressed, broadway and Hetalia trash
Future job: Animator
Current projects:Twisted Dream, Animobsters
Into: Pokemon, yaoi, yuri, furries, redwall books, splatoon, fantasy and DnD, anything mogeko/deep-sea-prisoner related, much MUCH more-
Rp policy: Check out my search and see if you like anything on there!
skill: Semi-lit, I'm slowly getting better.
Random thing: Shine bright, circus man. You're our favorite tiefling.
Warning: I like dramatic roleplays, peaceful ones are kinda boring. So if I make a post that makes the plot take a dramatic turn and you dislike it, tell me. I'll delete it and make another post.

Sorry about my posting schedule! Life is screwing me over rn lol

Cat Mama

Venom Papi

Eff off (jk)

$ Of Predators and Prey(1x1 w/CharaDreemurr201X)
$ The Home For Lost Souls
$ 1x1 with AskTheStaff
$ 1x1 with KasaiShadowFox
$ 1x1 With Snapped
$ 1x1 w/ Wolfchibilink
$ Werewolf 1x1
$ 1x1 with KathyCross
+ Corridor of dreams
$ Collars and Leashes
$ Steampunk (closed to Doomguy123)
$ Prucan
$ The Gates
$ Rusame
+ 1x1 rp search
$ Enemies (closed to KasaiShadowFox)
$ Forbidden (closed)
$ The leader and the officer
$ Bullies
$ Forbidden (closed)
$ The Evil Queen (closed)
$ The Evil Queen
$ [Closed to AskTheStaff]
$ Witch x Familiar (WATGBS, closed to Majka)
$ Witch x Familiar (closed to Mended)

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