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I am The UnDead Master of this Realm, if any wish to challenge me please ask simpleton.

Name:Teran Anderson
Bio:i'm a gamer that love's to party, but i will fight for what i want to, i've been told that i'm sweet and kind hearted, but i don't like that so i will probally fuck you over if you turn on me.
Relationship: Looking for one
Eyes:Blue or Light Blue depending on the weather
Favorite Colors: Orange, Black, Burnt Orange, Dar red, Blue, Dark Blue, Light blue.
What I live by: I live protecting others and helping them when their down and sad, one of my best friends taught me about that and now I'm gonna try and do the same as her and help others in their time of need, and I am Chaotic Neutral.

Aaron "really o.O" Baska - He's a good friend of mine on ES and In real life we bicker sometimes but we still have each others backs.
Mason "ghost" flowers - He's one of my best Friends no matter what we probably have eack others back's through anything ^^
Brendyn "monster" Anderson - this is my little brother in real life he's crazy and lovable
Alex "Jew Fro" Thornton - he is another one of my best friends who just hates Ignorance(black and mexicans) but we always got each others backs and maybe he can show some more respect sometimes.
Josh"My Nigga"Perry - Josh is one of the best people to hang with he's always Kool and chill.
Gideon"Sexy Beast" Perry - Me and Alex's little buddy he's probably the sexyiest person in our group xD.
Eli"Good American" Barber - We don't hang out much but we normally have a lot of politics or culture to talk about.
Levi"why are you so cool" Smith - Probably the coolest person in the group.
Richard "dick fatherly" Fatherly - My big giant buddy, he may look tough but he acts like a big teddy bear.
Ryan "waldo" Hogan - our shortest little friend who we could use as a javalin.
Mojo "dumb ass" thornton - he's my best friends dog and a really Kool pooch
Vergal"big nuts" Perry - he's my other friends rat and he's just chill as hell
Vladamire "Pussy" Chartier - he's my friends chihuhwa
Tommy "karate" Taylor - just some guy who I normally talk to.
Osiris "informational" ? - I don't know really.

Emily "emmi" Mosley -
Ashley "helper" blevins - She is one of my best Friends also she is always there when you need her and she will always back you up.
Peyton "OMG" anderson - she is my real little sister and she just loves me to death.
Autum "favorite" Chartier - she is one of my friends sisters and we used to goto school together.
Catlin "meg" Chatier - She is another Sister of the same person.

People I dislike-
Christian Stevens AKA A Failure
ignorant people
people who act like they own something but they don't
people who think they are better thsan you even though they live a crappier and more poor life than you.

and for the people/things i dislike they/it can burn in the black fire's of Hell and suck Lucifers big Cock

If I'm missing anyone let me know immediately

"To me, Death is a skafold of power, but when partnered with Life you have the power to control all, so then the skafold of power shifts to an even greater power the power of Necron the lord of all"
-Teran's Quote for His Character Necron

99% of teenagers would cry if they saw Justin Bieber standing on top of a tower about to jump. If you are the 1% sitting there with popcorn and 3Dglasses, screaming "DO A BACKFLIP!", copy and paste on your profile.

$ The Apocolypse
$ PvP
$ A chat for my friends =^_^=
$ Necron's Conquest
+ Final Fantasy - Conquest
$ Digimon Rise of Legends
+ Mythic Legend
$ Necron's Kingdom
+ Kingdom of Nightmare
$ Hitsogashi's Mercenary's
$ Kashini Trials - Death Dragon
+ Death Knights - They will Become The Gods
+ Crystal Legion
+ YU-GI-OH:Warriors overdrive
+ Resident Evil:Total conquest
+ Halo - Elite's and Spartan's
$ Pokemon Adventure Draco

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