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Everything below needs changing so don't bother with it.... yep o.o

yaho: (made by my specail lil blue friend called jay but I can't use it nows

Status - 08/09/2015 - focusing on trying to roleplay so won't be chating much unless it's about a roleplay.

Bored like ni? Then why don't you just sit back, relax, enjoy yourself, get comfortable, start to rock, lose your balance, fall off a cliff and break your neck?

name of me: nicro, the ni
age of mine: 25 leo
relationship: Cause I.... just set them up, just set them up, just them up too eat they're cookies xp

Bestest Bestie Pet who hates me nows, we don talk en I guess she forgot the promise.

People important or close to me that I keep in contact with

Wolfy is always en forever my pet en more so a best friend
WinterRavenRz my grandma
Vampy, she's my baby sister

Daughters - Tae & Zi / old profile of zi
The Hyper Sister's kittie & chickie
BelleTheSelkie my favorite cousin bell
Rena my 1st big sister en 2nd family
Carlyn my mum
Twin Vi
Old friend Heart

People I don't talk with much or at all

note that I might pm them once in a blue moon but that's it, if they don't reply to my mail or chat posts them guess we arn't chatting.
BillieBelle my favourite auntie
KathyCross my auntie
Yofiel my big sis
Great great grandma Vlany
Sister-Like Friend Si
hound alway biting on my neck, thts oshy boy
RageInSorrow is a playmate from so long ago
toxy is an old friend en pet of mine
Matthardy my big sister

+ Castle in the Caves
+ Tae's Private Playground
$ My Family
$ Fam-Fam

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