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Role Play Profile

I can do roleplays all the way from one-liners to two thousand characters without any trouble, and can go up to three thousand sometimes depending on how many ideas are running through my head. Um...that's about it.

I do fandom roleplays, too...although a lot of them are just games. I can be an oc or a canon character, depending on what you like. Here are the main ones I'll do, though. If you're ever in the mood for one of these, just PM me. :D

Super Mario


Sonic the Hedgehog

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Metroid (I'd prefer to be an oc on this one)

I can also do some more mature roleplays if you want.

$ Closed to RamaAmor (Slave x Master)
$ (Closed to NicoAndTheNiners-)
$ Closed to Trollzor_235
$ Succubus x Angel (closed to occultist)
$ Dragon's Call (for Babs)
$ Steven Univese Thing for DoomGuy123
$ {:For RamaAmor:}
$ Love and War (closed to DoomGuy123 and RamaAmor)
$ For RamaAmor
$ ₮ⱧɆ {₲ Ø ₦ Đ Ø Ⱡ ₳} (Closed posting thread)
$ Closed to FarrenReynard
$ ₮ⱧɆ {₲ Ø ₦ Đ Ø Ⱡ ₳} (Closed)
$ A Futuristic Happenstance
$ Gaiaphesia
$ Closed to _Ren_
$ Closed to KittyRose
$ Assassin's Love (Closed to Rocksanne)
$ }:{Closed to RamaAmor and MLthevampireking}:{
$ :|:Closed to Kita-San:|:
$ Land of Gaiaphesia (Closed to Rocksanne)
$ (|) Closed to RamaAmor (|)
$ {Closed to CR-Mars}
$ [|]Closed to kirito[|]
$ <|> Closed to Nightingale20 <|>
$ [:]Closed to MLthevampireking[:]

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