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Role Play Profile

○ She conquered all her demons, and wore her scars like wings. There is a hell believe me
I've seen it. There is a heaven let's keep it a secret. This girl has always been half goddess, half hell. ○
○ Emily Anne || Female || Loving Him || Literate Writer || Muse Holder || Worker Bee || Shattering ○
○ Empath || Earth Witch || Gentle Soul || Loving Being || Beautiful Nightmare || Cold Hearted || Queen Bitch ○

Sissy || Bitch || Buttercup || Panda || James

$ wιтcнιng нoυr
$ ѕaғe нaven
$ darĸneѕѕ ғadeѕ
$ нealιng вondѕ, нealιng нearтѕ
$ тнє мυѕє нυт
$ ѕωєєтєѕт тємρтαтιση

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