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I've been gone, a long time.. In that time I hurt some people I cared about.
.. But fuck it, how're you doing? ^^'

My best post :]

Yet i wouldn't be able to see the forbidden fruit, covered up by society, Unacceptable to be unveiled in the public eye. He whispered trying to act as if he had a single smart bone in his body, More than positive it wasn't working He let out a hysterical chuckle. Raeff gave a small frown as she leaned against the side that he could wrap his arm around her, He did not know if this was a way of Avoiding the wound, or just a coincidence and her wanting to be closer. Looking down at her their eyes meet, Feeling her head bury deeper into his chest Raeff Finally gets the opportunity to wrap his one arm around and hug her.

So if i was a Rabid wolf, Demon who feast upon the flesh of small children and even a Strigoi? He replied with a smartass comment before avoiding the puddle she had jumped into, Though it made not a difference, He still had gotten splashed. Feeling the wind's desire to knock Raeff of his feet he gives a small smirk, He felt as if the Olympic god Zeus had been submitting a challenge to him, And if so Raeff would most likely have accepted. Had Raeff been Pre-Damned to be told he was a monstrosity, only to find out he was capable of being loved? ~What an odd thing to ..~ He had begun to think, but he words he had received vanished.

As he continued to walk Raeff gently fiddles with the frill of Elle's sleeve, His hands were Gentle, Yet Rough enough to rearrange someones way of thinking when needed be. Stepping on the Crisp leafs as the winds swayed the Trees, He stopped to let his eyes explore his surroundings. Raeff had led Elle away from town and passed the Gate to Vladimir, Yet she hadn't mentioned it a bother, or even noticed. He knew of a perfect Lake, with a Log cabin.. If she desired they could stay there, just an hour would make Raeff happy. The clouds slid over the moon as to creat an otherworldly shadow, that seemed to stretch on forever. Where to, My love? He questioned before Pulling her Ever closer to his torso. Awaiting her answer Raeff watched as the Nightingales danced to the music of the Sycamore's Branched flowing in the breeze, It had been very calming to the nerves. It reminded him of a fond memory he had from Three years back, Johnathan, Mark , Cody and himself had all snuck out to venture the northern Woods, It had been a very peaceful year, insomuch that everyone had forgotten when the Strigoi had even last attacked. The weather conditions had been much like the Present, and they had stopped by town before hand to pick up some chicks. Yet the word Peace, Is an Illusion of the mind, It can only last so long, And when broken.. Only devastation and chaos remain.
The four boys and three girls had stopped further up in the woods at what now was abandoned Cabin, Where before was what Mark and Cody had been working for since they arrived at Vladimir. The cabin was a Get away, or what they called a safe heaven for those who were less 'Fortunate' to truly be living.

Raeff had sat upon the roof of the Cabin, watching as his friends were attempting to woo the girls into sleeping with them, Of course they had succeeded. With a smile plastered on his face Raeff continued to watch from above, As if he was the Guardian of the Three, Despite the fact of being a Freshman and them Seniors. That night the winds had picked up even more so, and in the air smelled something Foul, and Decayed. It had been too late, By the time One of the girl's Screams left her vocal chords, Two of her friends had been Nearly Torn in two. Mark had Stayed behind as the other Three, Including Raeff Retreated to the Court yard of The Academy. Only Death awaited them as they stepped further within the confines of the Courtyard, Raeff let out a gasp as he looked frantically for words to describe the horrid things that laid before him..

Snapping Back into Reality Raeff gives a deep, emotion filled frown. The past is a hurtful thing, Not even the dead can escape it. He thought aloud..

Sitting up in his bed with an impervious smile upon his lips, Kaoru takes the morning air in with a deep breath. To him, the day was right on schedule.. He awakes with his window already open, His morning coffee already in his mug eagerly awaiting for him to drink from it, and a clean uniform neatly hung from his bed-post.
" Onii-san, lets play! " An adorable voice rang from the doorway as a small girl entered Kaoru's room. The small girl, which was named Annabelle, was his younger sister; She had just entered the first grade and ever since had wanted to him to walk her to school before actually going to his own.

Alright, alright.
" He replied with a bright expression on his face. Getting up, Kaoru walks over to his younger sister an kneels before her. "
I'll be down in a second Anna, can you wait for a bit?
" He whispered before raising his hand and gently rubbing the top of her head. " YES! " She chirped before turning and running down the hallway while singing " Onii-san, Onii-san, Onii-san. ".
Shutting the door after Anna had left, Kaoru walked over to his mug, took a drink and set it back down.

Moments later he entered the hallway, Uniform on and Tie tucked to near perfection.

Walking down the corridor Kaoru smiled and inhaled deeply, his mornings were mostly peaceful that is until his younger sister Anna didn't get a "Piece of Oni-san" when that occurred, things in the Hiroshi household were much, MUCH different.
Listening to the murmurs of the maids as he walked, Kaoru smiled once more.
Good morning, Ladies.
Kaoru whispered softly before he began to walk down the stairs.

Silently making his way towards the table, Kaoru takes a seat at the side and pats the chair beside him which indicated that Anna needed to sit down, which she did so after a minute of making funny faces at the cat. " Kaoru Oni-san, what are the boys like at your school?" Anna asked softly before nibbling little pieces of her breakfast, Kaoru arched a brow at her question before laughing slightly..
The boys at my school?
He repeated the question before letting out a sigh.
They're BIG, HAIRY, have SHARP FANGS and drink the blood of little girls daily!
Anna simply laughed at her older brother before setting down the fork which was previously in her hand. " You're a goof-ball Oni-san. ".

Shifting his gaze over towards the large Grandfather Clock, Kaoru slowly rose from his chair and started for the door.
Annabelle, time to go.
Kaoru spoke gently as he reached the door, opened it and awaited her exit.

~Ten Minutes Later~
" Bye bye Oni-san! " Anna shouted from the other side of her school's gate, he responded with a smile and a wave goodbye.

Kaoru laughed a bit as he continued to walk further and further from Anna's school.
She had completely forgot about playing in all the -bustle- of breakfast.
he mumbled to himself in a sarcastic tone. There never really was much excitement at his house, Kaoru and his little sister Anna would get up, get dressed, eat and then head off to school. The only time they ever really saw their parents was for brief moments when eating dinner or addressing their grades.
Before he knew it, Kaoru had reached his school.

Letting out a climatic sigh he continues to walk until he would reach his class.

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