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Role Play Profile

I used to be on here a long, long, long time ago. I think I first joined this site in 2009 or 2010. I left in about 2012. Some months ago, I decided I wanted to join again as I missed rping terribly. Naturally, I forgot my old username since it had been so long ago, so I started anew! Next day, I forgot again as life happens and I was once again busy, busy, busy.

Recently, I decided to try to join up again. I think I might stick around for a while this time. I'll update my likes and dislikes as I think/ realize them.

Eastern Time-Zone. I'll either reply around 0700 or sometime between 1200 and 2100. I'm usually in bed trying to sleep for work the next day after that. Work life killed my nocturnal habits. I am a slow writer though. I will try to post at least once or twice a week unless the rp is small paragraphs and very fast paced, it should be a lot quicker.

I can decently rp any gender, and don't mind doing so. Unfortunately, if it's a guy, I have a tendency to enjoy playing a 'jerk with a heart of gold' / tsundere.

I'm also not really that fond of rps that have over 4 people. Big groups usually get too confusing for me, especially when it's HUGE posts.

Name: Kay
Age: mid-twenties
Relationship Status: Married to the wonderful

ES Relationship Status: I don't really understand how you can have a secondary relationship. But, read the above status. ^^^
Personality: I'm lazy? Easily bored. I don't know, just kind of apathetic lately.

About RP Length!

I like to think I'm pretty open minded about rping. RPs I join almost always have a romance element to it. I love romance. OMG, romance. I will always put at least 500 characters and aim for a minimum of 800 characters. Sometimes WAY more though. It really depends on the rp. I don't care if you're 'literate' as long as it's not a TON of mistakes. What I want is to rp with someone fun and entertaining; someone who isn't afraid to make plots with me or come up with new ideas; someone who might be able to rp across different genres. I don't care too much about length as long as it's a least one or two really good paragraphs. Give me something to work with, and I can give you something to work with. Just because you can post over 1000 characters doesn't mean you're any good or good to rp with. Sorry, quality over length matters to me.

About RP Speed!

I might take up to a week to respond, but I will let you know if life's forced me to take longer. I'll try to respond at least once every other day (if not sooner depending on the speed the rp is going, maybe multiple times a day). Please let me know if you're going to be longer than a week; I am perfectly fine with you taking a while. Take as long as you need, please! Just tell me. I'll probably pm you at five days just to make sure you're still interested, and I'll wait a week for a response. If you don't respond in a month, bye bye. Like, I said, just let me know so that I know you're not just ditching on me. And if you do want to leave, as either you don't want to rp with me or the rp or you have too much on your plate, just let me know. I'd rather be told than to be kept hanging on. Just because you can post quickly doesn't mean you can write well. I care about quality over speed.

General Likes!

Angst, Drama, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, High School AUs, Humor, ROMANCE, cisswap (genderbending), Supernatural, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror (but please don't do TONS of gore), Mystery (detective sleuthing isn't my strong point though), goddamned pregnancy (it's like a running joke between my wife and I just when a character gets pregnant in an rp to spice up the fun), Superhero, Zombies are okay I guess, LGBT+ couples and characters, folk lore & mythology, yandere (as long as we agree a romantic relationship between the characters isn't an endgame because the rp is a psychological horror theme), Adventure isn't my forte but I'll give it a shot if the plot sounds really good, Slice of Life, Cannibalism (but not when you're describing everything about it. A character is a cannibal or the plot is that someone's a cannibal? Cool. An essay about how someone tastes? That's not my taste in rp), Violence (in moderation), Dragons (but I'm picky),

General Dislikes!

Lots and lots of gore, Abuse that doesn't serve a purpose in the plot's development, rape, underage sex, most demon rps, 'chick-flick' AUs/RPs, Lolicon, Shotacon, Incest, most sci-fi?, sports themed rps, prison rps, student/ teacher when the student is in high school, Slave/Master, adultery rps,

Fandoms I Like!

It REALLY depends on whether I want to rp the characters though, mostly I just like the universe that's been created.
Harry Potter, Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir, Pokemon, Fucking Harry Potter, Twilight (shut up, it's a guilty pleasure, I mostly detest Edward and Jacob (they're both abusive in their own ways)), Stranger Things, Hellboy, The Mortal Instruments (there has been a lot of wiki searching and watching of the movie, so I mostly like the setting), Deadman Wonderland (but jesus that was bloody)

Fandoms I Won't Do!

except with magical-muffin if she wants
Supernatural, Naruto, most anime really, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, LoTR, Blade,

RPs I would love to do!

Time-travel HP to the Marauder era with a Fem! cisswap! Harry (Harry/Sirius or Harry/Remus, true weakness of mine), Fem! cisswap! Harry Potter (omg, she'd be adorable), a Twilight rp without Bella with Edward or Jacob (such as with Jasper or Paul or Sam), an Urban Fantasy rp (heck yes witches and werewolves), Twilight characters in a Harry Potter setting, a more 'urban fantasy' vibe of Twilight (let's make her a witch!), the Tokyo Ghoul setting in other cities like London or New York or something,

RPs Currently Occupied By!

Don't Let the Wolf Outta the Bag -
Uzumaki Naruto
- Romance, Urban Fantasy, Naruto Characters in AU plot
(love this shit)
, Supernatural elements maybe
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir! -
- Romance, Original Characters in Miraculous Universe, Suspense, Adventure
Let Freedom Ring -
Jackson Diesel
- Romance, Slice of Life, High School
Sugar Sugar -
Theodore Valentine
- Romance, Drama
Three Werewolves Walk Into A Bar -
Jackson Diesel
- Romance, Supernatural, Suspense?, Drama, Violence

$ Hogwarts, A History
$ Gossip Rags & Glass Slippers
$ Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
$ Making Sure It's All A-Okay
$ Don't Let the Wolf Outta the Bag

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