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♡ With You By Myside, I Will Never Stop Dreaming High. ♡
♡ Immortal Dreamer ♡ Ageless ♡ Happily Taken ♡ Muse Holder
♡ Loving Mother ♡ Psychology Major ♡ Hardworker ♡ Kind Hearted ♡ Writer
Status: School is in session. Replies will be slow as I'm focusing on school. Please don't roleplay with me if you can't understand that.
♡ Hubby ♡ Wifey ♡ Amber ♡ Big Sissy ♡ Sugardrop ♡ Stephen ♡ Dahlia

$ reaper coмeѕ тo тown
$ нearтғelт
$ lovely dιѕaѕтer
$ ѕαfє αи∂ ѕσυи∂
$ wιnтer wonderland

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