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Role Play Profile

Heyyy its Key...or...Keko...or..ANGEL! Some peoplez may know me as Cutiekeko hahah im Key though You can call me Angel ^^ hehe.

Oh by the way, When Sammy, scenekid, doesnt want to go on his own, he will go on mine. So its not always Me :P

(this is sammy)

<this is me>

About me!

Name: Key or Angel
age: between 16 and 19
gender: Female...duhhhh
likes: music, games, nice people, happy people, having fun
dislikes: being bored, negative people, people who talk shit about me or my friends
stereotype: Scene.
fav colors: red and black
fav song: knives and pens by Black Veil Brides :)


I think I should make a friend list :) Since other peoplez are doing it.

Fav shows!

Fav movies:
Nightmare before Christmas- AMAZING :D
Get him to the Greek: SOO FUNNY :D

+ Hard to get...(Need boy!)
+ The new creation (JOIN! need people!!)
+ Supernatural School (Need people)
+ Devil may cry (NEED PEOPLE PLZ JOIN! :) )
+ Our experiemnt (Need One more scientist!!)
+ Supernatural (join! Needs people!)
+ My little secret (Need male!!!)
+ School for powerful kids. (JOIN Needs LOOTS of people! :D)
+ dragons (Need people)
+ The neko girl (need male)
+ The prince's pet. (closed!)
+ Demonic school (JOIN!!)
+ Riders (Joinnn please!!!! Need some Riders!!!!)
+ L's Children (Anyone can join now!! :D)
+ Neko Trouble (need male!)
+ The Undead (Join!!!)
+ Dante is sexy (Closed ^^)
+ The childish singer (Need boy)
+ Vampire Rp! (couldn't think of a name) (Closed!)
+ give him up! (closed! ^^)
+ The feeling of being Lonely. (closed)
+ I love you...but i can't tell you that (closed)
+ please be with me (closed!)
+ I think i am falling for you! (closed)
+ Hideki and Chii (Closed)

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