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Ok everyone I won't be on for a while because my stupid virus protector deleted my Internet explorer program and so now I'm stuck using an iPod touch and the touchpad has such little word it's irritating so don't replace me in my rps people I'll be back on once my computer can get fixed and out the shop okz??^^so byez everyonez^^
Alright, I'm a rp addict and I really don't know what to put so I'll put a bunch of random stuff about me on here to satisfy your hunger for knowledge^^ I like anime which is pretty obvious and manga is ok but I hate raking my brain to understand it in japanese although the english versions tend to change the words around a bit. Anyway when rping I will devote myself to staying in character and will sometimes feel like the character is me...weird, but that's me all weird! Last but not least I completely hate god modding, how the hell am I suppose to kill someone if they can magically scatter into thousands of pieces and regenerate?! Well that's a bunch of random stuf about me and my complete weirdness and oh yea I'm japanese and mexican so yea...anyway that's all!

Lol People,Finally After 4 Days Strait With No Sleep My Body Decideds To Shut Down!Night Sayounara!*curls in bawl and dreams of a land made of milk!

I'm woke and flirtatious^^Don't get to close because I'm ready to jump jk I'm not perverted just flirtatious^^

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