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Role Play Profile

Greetings my potential friends- I mean, uh acquaintances .

Make yourself at home.

Looking for a partner?

Well you've come to the right place.

Though slow and steady

Is my usual pace

Themes to Roleplay About

I always play fucked up characters

- Magical Kingdoms
- Freak Shows/Circus I have a plot.
- Medieval/Modern/Mythical/Western
- Dead x Living
- Angels and Demons
- Pirates
- Mysteries Undead Detective Main.

Science Fiction
- Alien Invasions
- Zombie Apocalypse In the mood for one of these.
- Super Humans
- Steampunk
- Robot Universes

- Male x Male
- Female x Female
- No Insta Fall in Love
- Straight I'm always Male
- Creature x Female

Totally into a couple things right now.

+ : The Book of Death & the Moon : An Odyssey
+ Undisclosed Desires
$ Searching to be Found
$ Now Our Feature Presentation
$ Warning: Crazy Ahead
+ [ Human Error ] V. 2
+ [Powdered Gun Metal]
+ [Human Error]
+ [Needle Biology]
+ Villainous Overture
$ Twisted Ending
+ Sun Setter [Closed]
+ Figuring on Biggering
+ [ Parlor Tricks ]
+ If we could... You know, go back...
+ Dear UnbalancedTruth ~C~
+ Dear UnbalancedTruth ~T~
+ Dear UnbalancedTruth ~H~
$ The Leap of Faith
+ Tamed - Valduggery
+ Steamed
+ My Savior [An Ouran Yaoi] ~Closed~

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