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Greetings my potential friends- I mean, uh acquaintances .

Looking for a partner?

Well you've come to the right place.

Though slow and steady

Is my usual pace

Current Status: Work is killing me. Preparing for the virus. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your patience.

For ideas and plots I'm interested in, please scroll down

Breathe in and breathe out, that's what I tell myself

When the voices inside say that I won't survive

When did I become so cold and so numb?

To the hope in my mind, to the fire drowning inside

Wake me up, I'm seconds from the end

I'm dying to feel, I've been dying to live

Will somebody give me a sign, so I know I'm alive?

It's time to wake me up, or pull the plug

Current Ideas Up for Grabs:

Writing is healing for me. Respect the characters I portray. They're pieces of myself

First characters mentioned are who I play

Fantasy & Horror Based:
+ A pirate ship's captain and stowaway are trapped on the sea by monsters, prejudice and fate. The stowaway begs the ruthless captain to keep them on the ship, realizing quickly that this no ordinary pirates tale.

+ A man with a dark monstrous secret bumps into a local citizen whilst he's passing through a town. Catching the citizen's curiosity, he decides to delve into this mysterious man's life finding something he wasn't prepared for.

+ Man with a mechanical heart is looking for his place in life whether he is truly alive or not and ends up intertwined with a new stranger.

Slice of Life:
+ Struggling with personal issues, a teen is transferred to a new school and meets another student that changes his life forever.

Fandom Characters of Interest:
+ Elsa

Souls I want to Play:
+ Auro O. + Samuel G. + Invy

I guess... Tadashi has been my spirit animal all along.

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