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° wanna ғυcĸ wιтн мe? dιe. вecaυѕe ιn тнe end, wнen yoυr вody enтerѕ тнe earтн, yoυr ѕoυl wιll вe мιne. devoυred вy мy very eѕѕence and ѕнaт oυт lιĸe тнe waѕтe yoυ are. °

ιn тнe realм oғ darĸneѕѕ мercy ιѕ a weapon oғ тнe weaĸ. ѕalvaтιon ιѕ daмned вy тнe darĸ ѕιde and denιed вy тнe deadмan. тнe ιron gaтeѕ oғ тнe υnderworld нave вeen welded ѕнυт вy тнe тaĸer oғ ѕoυlѕ, тнe apocalypтιc warrιor. тнere ιѕ no eѕcape now, ғor ιn тнe end тнere ιѕ only тнe ιммorтal darĸneѕѕ.

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