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Role Play Profile

Name: Morbid

Age: Legal! ;D (no you can't have any X<)

Sex: girl

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Location: In the deep crevices of my mind, where Yaoi and cookies will be served daily, so come down! :D

Personality: sweet, pervy at times, happy

ES Status: single

Best Posts: Link



SrRosado- I know him in RL, and he's awesome :3


Ouran High School Host Club

Axis Powers Hetalia

Samurai Champloo

Level C

Bleach (not up to date yet)

The Boondocks(if this could be called an Anime)



Junjou Romantica

Characters I RP As:

Tamaki Suoh



I do more OC than fandom

How I RP:

I'm very open when it comes to this but I only do YAOI roleplays. In the recent years main female characters spoiled my out look on them (Bella from Twilight and that Bish from Van Hellsing) I'm not a grammar nazi, but a decoder shouldn't have to be used to read what you said. I also like length, anything over 600 words is fine, but I understand bad days, where fillers are necessary, since all of my role play will have a 600 word limit :D

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+ A bit of Dark Poetry
$ A Lie upon Your Lips
$ Escape with Me[4 X 4]

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