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My Haven

Tired and bored

Back hurts..


"I am me. There is no real point in explaining who am really am or why I try to be different. My life is a spiral, but no one can tell whether it climbs up, or slides down. All we do is attempt to look at our lives like we're the horrid ones. I tell you this: You are Beautiful. Don't convince yourself other wise. Telling me your ugly and want to end your life is stupid. Just because a mean person came up to you and told you that you have no point, doesn't mean you should race away to find your point; nor is it a chance to end the potential you have." -- Just a Life

As for the people in my life, its quite wonderful. Every one needs someone who tells you everything. And of course the perfectly crazy. Simple people such as the real-world phsyco, the real-world stalker, and your true self. Never forget your slave driver and the one that makes you feel happy. More or less, you will need that boy that keeps you laughing. Please, never leave the house with out the memory of your favorite set of twins. Always keep that certain friend in your heart and mind, but while also keeping the freakiest and lovliest friend in your pocket. I love my special someone, and my personal Ciggerate. And Neko!

Add some color
to your boring
life. Don't leave
your wall so
so blank and
boring now.

I have no 'lover'; 'mate'; nor 'significant other'. I also don't plan to find one right away. I believe that love is like rain. It can hit you hard or be a soft and relaxing drizzle. Nothing more, and nothing less. So don't be swaggering your love around. Its not true love if you brag about it.

This is my more serious and in-depth profile. I may only use this for literate one-on-one's and such. If you believe your litereate and would like to Role-Play with me, then feel free to send me a PM. I would be more than happy to oblige. However, I will most likely stay on my actual profile a lot, so either way it works. This is mostly for show of my inner shell, something I rarely show. Also, I thank you for reading this far. Even though you may never read this again, I thank you.


Whats this? More?

Personal Fill Out


Me, Can-Can, Neko, Ches, and Anni. Best Friends~

Harluxia and I!!!

Chessy and Me~

Me and Can-Can~

Friends Galore~

Puffs and I :D

Karu, me and Puffs!!! I love you guys!
I stole the picture from Karu~

Anni and I! <3 BFFL!

Karu and I! :D

Anni and I again!

The Anime Characters I Own

No, I don't really own them. But they are mine. >>' Back off.

Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez


Gilbert Nightray



Peace~ ���

$ OrihimexUlquiorra {1x1}
+ Graceful Productions
$ MakaxKidd 1x1
$ Soul Eater 1x1 Closed~
$ Soul Eater 1x1 for Fairy and I!!
+ Vocaloid Mansion *Open*
$ Loveless & Relentless
$ SatoshixShion *Closed*
$ Cantarella 1x1
+ Fruits Basket - Shigure's House
$ Love the Life: CHAT!
$ Vocaloid Tales: Rin x Len
+ Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Gojo?
$ OCC for Bleach World
+ Bleach World *Open+Join*
+ What You Are *Open*
$ Death Note 1x1?
$ { Death Note 1x1 }
$ Wammy House Romance *CLOSED*
$ Vocaloid -- Lulu&Kala
$ Luka::x::Gakupo 1x1
$ A Cat's Fury

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