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Role Play Profile

Pardon! To anyone waiting for a reply from me, I'm very sorry! I'm only allowed online for certain times of the day now, so please bear with me!

I'm with my relatives, and probably won't be able to post half as much as I used to. I apologize.

$ [F]or [Y]azoo-nii
$ [F]ishie
$ For Kita_Wolf
+ [F]ight [N]ight -Open-
+ [D] i a m o n d s [O] O C
$ [F]or [V]alkyira
+ [C] h a t t e r [B] o x [P] a l a c e
+ Pokemon Yaoi~ <3
$ For RumbleFish
+ Diamonds in the Rough - Definitely Full -
$ When You're at Wit's End...~2x2~
$ The Quad:<3<3 Evie, Fash, Dan, and Chi!!<3<3
+ Yaoi!! <3 FashxChi <3
+ Blood's the Key ~1x1~ *Closed*
$ A Random Rp for me and SandChild
$ |F |I |N |A |L Breath~1x1~*closed*
$ The 'Keys' of The Future's Door: OOC and Skeletons
$ The 'Keys' of The Future's Door
+ OOC Of EpicNess: FlyingDonut's Rp's
+ Tales From The Strings~Needs Plenty of Both Genders!!~
+ Eternal Sands Of Fate~1x1 ~
$ Typical Repunzel
$ TwinxTwin Rp
+ An Apocalyptic State of Affairs ~Mature: Requires Two Girls and Two Boys
+ Diamonds in The Rough (Needs Guys)

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