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Yeah I realize I'm a couple days late. Sue me. I still have three other RPs to post to, but I'm still exhausted, so give me a bit more time.
1. Do you para?
Fuuuck. How do I put this nicely without sounding bitter and tired? Okay, so I actually want to enjoy myself when I RP, and I have found that if I focus too hard on my post length, the quality takes a nosedive. Sometimes, you'll get a miniskirt out of me (short, sweet, and fun to look at), and sometimes you'll get a novel out of me (omg shut the fuck up). It all depends on how the pace is going, how the characters and setting are developing, and my level of patience and energy.

2. Male or female?
I play male, female, and even non-binary and agender characters of varying sexual orientations.
2b. Illustrated or "real" pictures?
Eh. Whatever. It's all a picture to me.

3. Groups or 1x1s?
Mostly, I'm going to stick to 1x1s with the except of a small group of 3 to 5 people where I am not in charge of the RP. It works out best for me this way.

4. Times you're online?
I work a job as a nanny, and then I have a demanding job in a warehouse during the evenings. Some days, I'll be able to post frequently. Thursdays are a little rough for me though seeing as my Wednesday nights are hellish. If I disappear for a few days, don't fret. Mostly, I'm just exhausted. I'll try and communicate when I'll be MIA to recoup from my harder work days, but I make no promises on that front seeing as I might sleep while the kids are at school.

5. Outside contact?
Look, I have Skype, but I'm not passing it on unless we've been RP-ing for a few weeks, we've chatted a little, and I feel you're an alright sort.

6. Fandom?
Before I forget, no. Nope. Nu-uh. I have tried multiple fandom settings, and I am a strictly OC person. I only play OCs. Kaythanxbai.

7. About you personally?
I'm working slowly on a profile to detail the boring bits. Eff is my username, so Eff is the profile you'll wanna look at. I'm a pretty dull person, though, so it prolly won't be too exciting.

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