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$ They Tell Me I’m ̷̰͔̕B̵̘͇͂r̷̫͙̔OKe̴̗̔̀ṇ̶̈
$ The Alien's Bride {Mpreg Yaoi-ish}
$ The Royal Sacrifice {CLOSED FOR Sir_Plague}
$ The Royal Sacrifice {CLOSED FOR Eff}
$ The Royal Sacrifice {1x1 Search}
$ Fnaf 1x1 anyone?
$ ~{恶魔的庇护}~
$ Second_Chances Super Plot Search Thread
$ Daddy's Girl: A PKMN Advencha
$ She's Not My Sister... {1x1} {OPEN}
$ What Would You Do... {Plot Thread}
$ We Only Need Each Other {1x1 Search}
$ We are Monsters in a World of ‘Perfection’

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