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Role Play Profile

Name: Emily Zetastei

Gender: Female, last i checked... but then again with the lower half of a horse its hard to look.

Age: 32.... i'm so fucking old.

Relationship: married to my kids Lol. (single)

I also forgot ! To mention in the previous update I have two children....

Feats: Ex special forces, black belt in jujutsu and ninjutsu , self employed store owner, traveled the world, multi-linguistic, a marksmen, a "ninja", bachelors degree in law and a bounty hunter. Had two children.

Nationality/race: German... /american? i mean i didn't know my mother... i grew up with my father who is full German... i know my mother was German but lived in the US all her life. so hmm not sure the classification so for simplicity to save you this long explanation that your probably still reading i'm German.

Languages: German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Korean, AND English of course ^.^

Sexuality: well... you see... i don't care what you are you could be a brain eating alien... as long as you have a personality i can love. you have a chance! CONGRATS!

Religion: Polytheistic.

Current occupation(s): Bounty hunter, Store owner. Mother.

Likes: Guns, weapons, more weapons, and weapons, apples, randomness, anything geek or nerd, martial arts and more.

dislikes: Do something i don't like and trust me you will know.

So yeah that's me... any question feel free to ask!

$ An unlikely Adventure in The city.
+ The Drunken Filly Tavern
$ The Tides are turning ever more.

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