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Role Play Profile

Hello and welcome to my place hidden in the shadows. Alow me to introduce myself, I am onikage. Now that is out of the way how about we get to what makes me tick shall we?

about me


Age: 26

Gender: Male

Likes:Videogames and my special people.

Dislikes:all the evil things in the world, and myself.

Hobbies:playing videogames, reading, drawing, and singing

Bio: Well I not really like to write About my-self that much but if you like you may asking things about me to find out more.

I have no current goals in life, sad I know but I really have nothing to live for right now

Stats: es=no one
Real=no one

My special people

lunalight : one of my best and oldest friends that I ever had

<more to be added when I find them>

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