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Role Play Profile

Name: Anna Robinson

Nickname: AnnaBabes or Milkshakes

Age: 15 Years Old

Gender: Female


Likes: Sweet and Sour Candy

Dislikes: Brocoli,cauliflower

Loves: Family, Friends

Hates: Being called a Bisexual slut

Super Powers: predict the future

Favorite Color: Fluro Pink and Green

Favorite Animal: Wolfs

Favorite Song: "Id Come For You" by Nickelback

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: April 28th

Love of my life: N/A

i live in Austraila


ES status: taken bye vampiredemon2 and hollow love you both <3

RL Status: Single and Hating It

Quote: "imma turtle"


Owner: StrifeX

Father: Lonewolf

Mother: Vlanderson

Sis: Suigintou

Husband: Radel

Son: RizzBar

Fav Baby Girl: xxdauntedxx

Fav Baby Boy: PlayyyBoyyyBunnyyy

Grandson: HollowLink

Daughter: WrittenInTheStars

Daughter: Petra_Mio

Eldest Daughter: AnimeGirl123

Great Grand Son: AsylumCraze

Grandaughter: LiLi

Grandaughter in Law: BillieBelle

Grandson: KajindArule

Grandson in Law: wolfprincenick

Grandmother: Etherlite

Slaves: Draco and Zerato and Saynot and VoiceOfWrath

ES Master: XxBloody_MurdererxX,XxSilentCriesxX

RL Master:XxBloody_MurdererxX

Half naked buddy: Sean-the-fox

My Bubbies:Necro,Kaji.Nyte,Eragon,vampiredemon2,silentcries

Facebook:Anna Robinson


lol get my licence in 8months,tattoo,car,piercing YAY an turn 16

You say Jonas Brothers,I say Green Day.
You say Rhianna, I say Linkin Park.
You say Lady Gaga, I say Flyleaf.
Yousay Taylor Swift, I say Breaking Benjamin.
Yoy say Soulja Boy, I say 3 Doors Down.
You say Justin Bieber, I say Three Days Grace.
You say Black Eyed Peas, I say Fall Out Boy.
You say Flowers, I say Puddle of Mudd.
92% of to days youth have gone to rap and pop.If you are one of the 8% who still listen to real music, copy and paste this on your profile<3

$ Pure Sexy Chat 3
+ Vampire Diaries [JOIN]
$ AnimeGirl,Petra,Radel and Me Chat (ONLY)
+ Hollow,Vamp,Anna Chat
$ Sexy Chat For Nerds
$ Master&Slave RP
$ Sexy Chat Room
+ Random Chat for Anyone
+ Random Chat

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