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Role Play Profile



What I currently like to RP

Ouran High School Host Club
Persona 3
Diabolik Lovers
Once Upon A Time
Anything Disney
Rise of the Guardians
How to Train your Dragon
Monster High
Ever After High
Jurassic Park/Jurassic World
Uta no Prince-sama

More to be added.

+ Searching for UtaPri roleplayers!
$ OHSHC 1x1 for LunaBloodRose
$ OHSHC 1x1 for Amavi
+ Searching for OHSHC roleplayers!
+ {Hetalia} The Royal Ball [1x1]
+ Searching for RP Partners!
+ :.: Draw a Circle... :.:
+ The Mystery Woman (Avengers RP)
+ The Lone Native American (1x1 Please join!)
+ 1x1 For RageInSorrow
+ 1x1 For Tainted_Love
+ 1x1 For RumbleFish
+ The Duet (Tamaki x OC - Please Join!)
+ Another Cross Dressing Commoner?
+ 1x1 For Raven_Winterknight
+ 1x1 Searching for RP Partner
+ The Host Club's New Customer (1x1 Closed)
+ Avenger x OC (1x1 - KyoyaPleasant)
$ Avengers 1x1 for SilentOne
+ Why Am I Here...? (Avengers RP - Need Main Characters)
+ Hetalia Randomness~!
+ Gakuen Hetalia
+ Hetalia World Academy RP
+ The Nations and Capitals Meet (Hetalia)
+ Hetalia Chat and RP~

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