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Role Play Profile

"Pokemon are in the Pokeball. I sit on the chair."

I am always looking for fun RPs, usually being original in some way.
If you really must know more personal info about me then ask me directly... Ugh fine I will put some more basic personal info here at least.

I am a boy. If you must know my age then ask. I am bisexual. I think that might be enough here for now.

RPs that I really want to do:
Epic Action and Adventure
Maybe Pokemon
Supernatural(the genre and the TV show, just with OC characters instead)

Other RPs I may be interested in:
I can do weird RPs but not too weird.
I can do slice of life like RPs as long as they don't get repetitive.
I can do romance as long as it stays interesting and is mixed well with other RP genres.
I like ones that involve Neko People as long as it has interesting story line.

Anything that I don't list here as a RP I want to do I may or may not do it just depends.
Oh also I don't like using real pictures of people and I never will. I only want to use pictures I make from character creators, ones that I draw or ones someone else makes/edits for me. But sometimes... you have to use what you can find... just still won't use real people pics.

I have a few RP and story/lore ideas I want to do but I also like seeing other people's ideas and stories.

PM me if you want me to join an RP. Most times I will probably say yes.
Should probably mention that I will probably ask if we know each other if I don't know or remember you and I will probably say I asked that because you sent a PM out of nowhere. I'm not used to PMs coming from people I haven't met from out of the blue. Please, do not take offense to that, it is not meant to be offensive or rude.


$ Let's travel around the world! (Pokemon World)
$ Private 1x1
$ W.A.R.D.
$ Partners and Tamers
$ Attack On Titan AU: Live Like Soldiers
$ Digi-evolution!
$ Our First Date (For pinkra01)
+ The Nexus of Digital Worlds (Digimon themed Chat)
$ Magic School?!
$ The world through my eyes. (AKA my journal)
$ Vaulisbrawn Kingdom
$ Digital Exchange
$ Throughout Generations
$ Yandere RP
$ Super of the Natural
$ Parasitic Affliction Outbreak
$ Private 1x1 filled with bleakness
$ Isdroth Island
$ The Death's Final Words
$ Zombies are totally not overused
$ Spooky Eerie Scary 1x1 RP -ie
$ A tale of a man's adventures.
$ Lothian High
$ Medlind

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