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The only down fall to fall is my body hates it lol

I'm not here to write. If I do so be it, but please do not PM me to join your RP. Now even though I am not here to write I'm not here to join 50 million chat threads either. So, that being said, unless I know you personally do not send me a PM asking me to join your chat thread. It will either be ignored or, if my mood is just foul enough, I will tell you to fuck off and stop bugging me. I don't have time for half of you, the ones who I have time to fuck with know who they are and it shouldn't be something they should question.
Interests include: Many things, Kpop, Asians, nice arms, Yu-Gi-Oh, cosplay, halloween, cats, pomeranian dogs, editing, memes, scream, slasher films, wes craven, Food, cheese, bathing in trash, dying, and other random shit
Didn't mama ever teach you not to feed trolls???

$ Interstellar Space Dicks

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