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I'm always so sleepy~

《 Pho - 2young4u - it's a girl! - Friendly 》

Hello! I am Euhporic! You can mix and match my name all you want, I don't mind. Except "Ric" is not allowed. Nicknames are uber encouraged! I am also a girl.
I love friends and I love everyone, but if you bully someone you'd best believe I will have to fight you. Either way I am my own person and so are you, so don't tell me how to be me.
It's okay if you don't like me, doesn't hurt my wittle feelings. xP I like me. And I especially like animu boys. My fav.
I am not romantically available. Because I love myself and am fully focused on me. I'm always open to have more friends, though.
I am very young so mitts off, you pervs! Don't sexualize me, das gross.. I believe that's all I've got to say. Have a nice day! :^3c

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