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I’m really fucking angry. Because I love you, Alex. I love you, and I fucking hate you.
Emily Anne ||
Twenty-Six ||
Relationship Status:
Taken as of 2/15/17

Role Playing:
This account isn't for Role Playing, but if you would like to get something going then go ahead and message me. I'll put it on one of my other accounts. I can role play pretty much anything and everything honestly. Romance, Gore, Comedy, Lust, you name it. There are some things I will not do, if you really wanna know then I'll tell you. Other than that, message me and we can plot something out, or I can show you plots of mine I wouldn't mind getting up and going again.

Loved Ones:
I have a couple people here that I love and adore. We might have had our issues in the past, but now that things are looking up I love all of you dearly. Each and everyone of them has touched my heart in ways I can't even explain. You all mean the world to me, and I wouldn't change the friendships we have for anything. I thank you all for coming into my life and staying with me, even though I'm a hard person to deal with.

Parting Words:
You've gotten to know a little bit about me. If you wanna get to know me more, then message me and take the time to get to know me. I'm will warn you right now though, I don't trust easily anymore so if it takes some time then please bare with me on it. Now please get the fuck off my page, and have a wonderful day!

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