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Whimsy | Nonbinary | 22 | Taken

About Me

Update: So I suppose I owe you all an apology for my absence. I had some very serious health issues in the family, which included a few visits to the hospital. Thankfully everyone has a clean bill of health as of now, and I'm going to try to get back into roleplay slowly but surely.

You can call me Whimsy.

I'm a professional illustrator and working full time, so I work a little more slowly than most during most parts of the year.

I've got a lot of fandoms that I'm into, but no one is into everything. Feel free to ask about the things I like.

I don't do roleplays that involve rape, incest, or physical abuse or themes revolving around them. They stir up some things I'd rather not think about. Thank you for your consideration. Also, please don't call my characters relationships "yaoi" or "Yuri", those are fetish terms that marginalize gay people as being eye candy for straight people.

If you show up in my inbox and are passive aggressive with me, or generally being rude, I don't have to talk to you. I don't owe you anything.

Fandoms and Other Stuff

Fandom List (Work In Progress)

Open and Filled Roleplays

-Hush Hush (pending...)

-A deal with the devil
-Did this pop star really just slip me his number!?
-Once in the Woods
-Fitful Paradise (Postponed Indefinitely)
-Deicide (Postponed indefinitely)
-Kitsune Wedding (Postponed indefinitely)
-Through the looking glass (postponed indefinitely)
-White plains University (Postponed indefinitely)

Wendigo Gif by

$ нυѕн нυѕн
$ Forget-me-not
$ ...Did this pop-star really just slip me his number!?
$ ✺logвooĸ✺
$ α dєαl wíth thє dєvíl
$ Fitful Paradise [Closed]
$ σncє ín thє wσσds
$ ☽ Deicide ☾ {Open}
+ ⋘ғ l e e т ι n g⋙
$ sαd mαchínє
$ sєαrchíng thє gαlαхч
$ кιтѕυиє ωє∂∂ιиg {Open, 2x2}
$ тняσυgн тнє ℓσσкιиg gℓαѕѕ {Open, 2x2}
$ whítє plαíns unívєrsítч {σpєn}

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