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Today is not the best for me today on october 19th 8 Years ago my mother Passed away. i wont be on today ill Post to everything tommorrow.


Welcome to My profile her are the few things you need to know about me.

I Am 24 Years of age i attend college so if i am not around then please dont be mad. I can Role play women but i prefer to do MaleXMale Rp's im more comfortable with it look through my Search thread im adding Ideas everyday.

My posting order as of right now is...

~The Witch and her Apprentice

X~Wait What!

X~Me and Bellerose1207

X~Can You Love Me From This Distance

X~True Cross Academy

X~Wake me from my Nightmare

+ The soldier they thought was Lost
+ Light outside Darkness RL
+ The Light outside the Darkness 1X1
$ For me and wingedwolfy120
+ RamaAmor And Me(Closed)
+ Seven Deadly Sins OOC
$ Seven Deadly Sins
+ Wake me from my Nightmare~Closed~
+ Pure imagination 1X1 Search
$ Can you love from this Distance(Closed)
$ Me and Bellerose1207
+ Me And Faytheravenwood
+ My Teacher is Yakuza! {Closed}
+ Kuroko no Basket
+ The Witch and Apprentice
+ The Lost Sin ~Closed~
+ Avix and I Closed~
+ Little chat Room
+ Final Fantasy OOC
+ The Twelve Kingdoms

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