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Hello loves i am 241 Assignments behind on my german Homework and i have finals soon so it will take a couple of days to get back to my posts please forgive me

Welcome to my Profile: My name is Kasai, Most know me as fuu from my other Accounts. Fuuhegerashy, and Fuu_Demon_Lover 1 & 2.

Im 22 I just got out of the Navy, i was jobless for the past few months but just got hired today 5MAR16 I start in April so if i am not on during the day or am only be able to post once a day please dont leave the rp or kick me from the rp.

Also i have been away for a a few weeks due to my Nana Passing away.

Things i am working on

Click to see

(h3 Pictures of me.)

Yes i know im Fat im the one in red

When i was in the military

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