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The three Knights went atop the elevator. Each was a high tier of their own class: A bomber, holding the most powerful and elemental heavy bombs, the radius of each spanning yards away. A gunner, with powerful shots and quick alike. A swordsman, the deadliest blades were at his command. These three had gone down into the depths of this world countless times together, each facing hardships and near death, but each coming to the rescue, regardless of the cost.

This time, they decided to do a bit of a challenge. They would start at the top most level and work their way all the way down to the core. It would be fun, and they all had the energy to do it, so why not? They took up their most powerful gear to best go down.

The first ten levels were a simple nuisance, just annoying little creatures giving them a hard time. The next ten were a bit more challenging, especially seeing as how they got into an arena! These had started to become more and more difficult for some reason, but the three Knights made it through with little injury. The final ten are the hardest, yet our Knights didn't make it through that ten. No, they only got through five when one of the Knights saw a curious thing. What was supposed to be the resting spot was covered in darkness near the far edge. It seemed like it was trying to seep passed the edge, but couldn't for some reason. There were two other Knights there, a researcher, and one of the Generals.

The General foretold that there are now places deeper, darker, and far more dangerous than that of the core of this world. The previous beasts that roamed this world have been tainted, and must be purified. To access these levels, you needed a special key. The General gave the three Knights a single key each. The bomber was the first to use his key, it was for the weakest of the three elevators. As they went down, each felt a tinge of dread as to what would become of them down on the next level.

Forest of Poison

The first thing the knights noticed was the decay in the foliage around them. It had all been poisoned by something! This wasn't the first time something like this had happened, but this, this was a much larger scale. Immidiatley, the knights were attacked by a new sort of wolf. They seemed sickly, yet still as determined as their natural brothers above. The knights dealt with the pack as quickly as possible. It was difficult as this new breed was cunning, dodging whatever was thrown at them, then attacking from behind. After that bought, one of the knights shared his healing kit with the other two, as they all needed one. Hopefully, they would be able to find more further on down.

Continuing onwards, the knights found a curious thing. As they inspected it, one caught a glimps os something more horrifying than the area around them, but before he could tell the others, they were swarmed yet again. The fight lasted longer this time because of one of the larger wolves barking and rallying the smaller ones. Luckily, by complete chance, the gunner hit the strange object. A tone tolled, confusing the wolves around them. This gave the knights a change to finish each one off. Each time they could, one of the three would toll the bell, making this fight easy enough.

if you can guess what this little story is based off of, i congradulate you and will reward you. how? a free trip to the shadows =3

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