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Status: ѕo мυcн ѕнιт goιng on, ι need a dιѕтracтιon

нero oғ ғerelden | cнaмpιon oғ ĸιrĸwall | ιnqυιѕιтor | coммander

+ {тнe pacĸ}
$ {нalғ godѕ}
$ {ιnѕanely powerғυl}
$ {ғυr and ғangѕ}
$ {cнoѕen one}
$ {crew oғ тнe ғlyιng dυтcнмan}
$ {ѕυpernaтυral вeιngѕ}
$ {In The Portal}
$ {a world ғυll oғ wonder}
$ {Born To Be Wild}
$ {The Children of Gods}
$ {Through The Portal}
$ {Red District}
$ llThere Once Was A Pandall

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