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⫷ lily. 24. amateur at everything ⫸

if i promised you a roleplay im still down, anyone else tho im not taking on anymore ;-; <3 so i have the flu. will try to post when I can; probably like once a day

my time zone pacific time bdubs

yoo. name is lily, been around and finally decided to come back. just getting back into writing and very much always looking for a partner

I roleplay both male and female roles. posts are once a day usually unless I am off then I'm posting all day. i work full time, so bear with me

guess im just trying to relive glory days. if you remember me and are still around, dont be afraid to chat

for mk

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$ ⇡silver lining⇣
$ ︽a universal split︾
$ ➹shot of love➷
$ 〘bulletproof〙
$ ╟ wrapped in silk╢
$ ⥧something like forever⥩
$ ⬷lost & found⤐
$ ⋰⋮until the end of time⋮⋱
$ ╏╹as above, so below╻╏
$ tall tales.
$ |quand la pluie tombe| [fin]
$ |Ρaper Hearτs| [Fin]
$ |Cela S'est Passé|[Fin]

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