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✺ lily. 24. amateur at everything✺

status: feeling creative

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'ello. back on this site after a mild hiatus. always looking for a roleplay, dont be afraid to pop in my dms and request one or just to say hello

I roleplay mostly male roles. I thrive in private threads. though am willing to give group threads a try

active roleplays: 10

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$ ⭋∮ song of the starcrossed∮⭌
$ ⇡silver lining⇣
$ ➹shot of love➷
$ 〘bulletproof〙
$ ╟ wrapped in silk╢
$ ⥧something like forever⥩
$ ⬷lost & found⤐
$ ⋰⋮until the end of time⋮⋱
$ open book.
$ |quand la pluie tombe| [fin]
$ |Ρaper Hearτs| [Fin]
$ |Cela S'est Passé|[Fin]

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