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Role Play Profile

Hello, my dears~

My name is Palladium. I prefer gender non-specific pronouns, and my age really doesn't matter. I pride myself in my attention to grammar and spelling, and I greatly enjoy roleplaying with those who do as well. I prefer 1x1s but I don't mind doing group roleplays. I prefer fantasy and romance to anything else, but I can always try something new.

Thank you, my lovelies, for your time.

Post Script:
I apologize to all my current roleplays. My thought are what I am currently fighting with, and I find myself unable to reply. I really don't know what to do, unfortunately.

Post Post Scrpit:
I have an event this weekend where I will be unavailable after eleven am pst on Friday (the 27th) until at least seven pm PST Sunday evening (the 29th). Please do not attempt to contact me unless it can wait several days as I will be unable to reply. Thank you for your patience.

$ Looking for a partner~ (Or two or three, heh)

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