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Role Play Profile

"Juliet had it easy; she never had to kill Romeo"

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Detailed Status: Already got an awesome RP partner

About me

I love badass characters

Name: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Age: My mind is old, my curiosity is like a child, and my personality depends on who you are. (Over 21 years old)
Background: Albanian
Appearance: Beautiful, just like everyone else in the world. Don't forget, we're all human.
E-mail: Ask me for it :P
Time zone: Eastern
Writing: College/University level
Word count: 300-2400
Genre: A mix of everything, romance, action, comedy, mystery
Favorite Song: Radioactive
Favorite Food: Chocolate, persimmons,
Favorite Book: Vampire Academy
Favorite Movie: Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Shows: Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Once upon a time
Favorite Anime: Naruto, SAO, D. Grey man, Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul.
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Game: Assassin's Creed games, Witcher 3, Sims 4
Hobbies: Writing, singing, drawing/painting, Photography, editing pics, piano
What to roleplay?: Read requirments first and then pm me!

Requirements for an RP

  • 300 words (1500 characters) & up. Expecting more. I get writers block if it's anywhere below that.
  • Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation! Although, I'm not crazy about it. It just has to be readable and understandable.
  • I do 1x1's because group ones die too quickly.
  • Flat characters are a no, no.
  • You are able to add twists and add into the plot.
  • Commitment. Hit a dull time in the rp? Still post so that we can get past that and get to the good part.
  • Maturity and no instant romance!
  • Types of Genre I do: Action, romance, comedy, adventure.
  • What I won't do: Normally no tv based rps, short post rps, rps that just focus on one character.
  • What type of characters do I normally play: Confident characters. Females & Males (only as secondary characters for now). My fave type characters to play are the ones that are a bit cruel. I make them human, they have flaws as much as they have good points.
I think that's it...

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$ The Facade
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$ {Assassinate Me}

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