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I love t roleplay (obviously), I love writing stories, I love anime and I absolutely ADORE & LOVE Yaoi. If you RP with me don't be surprised if some of my replies are really long. And don't be surprised if some replies are shorter then others. I just have way too much fun. On this site I've started 2 RPs.

Heaven Highschool for boys which needs a Seme (bad boy type)
Aura which also needs a seme (The name of this one has to do with the name of the city and land. Just so people know.

Both the RPs I created are, of course, yaoi. Anyway I hope someone will check them out and rp with me! ^-^

If you need someone to RP with I'd be more then happy to RP with pretty much anyone on here. I mostly RP in anime, fantasy, yaoi RPs but those aren't the only ones I'll roleplay in. Honestly I'm game for just about any RP, I'm not just stuck to certain categories. If you want me to RP with you feel free to pm me and send me the links to the rp. I will tell you when I get off or am gone for long periods of time. But to tell you the truth I'm hardly ever off unless I have school, go somewhere for the holidays, or go out of town to visit my family. ^-^

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Shiori awoke to the bright sun shining in through her window and forced herself to crawl out of bed. As far as anyone else was concerned she was still living with her sister despite the fact that she passed away less then a month ago. She sighed as she put on her school uniform and grabbed her bag before going downstairs to eat breakfast. Despite the fact that she was just beginning high school Shiori already had a job in order to keep up the rent for the apartment her and her late sister shared. The land lord constantly asked Shiori why her sister didn't come down to pay the rent for the month. So far she got away with the excuse that her sister was working multiple jobs in order to keep the two of them living a comfortable life style and to keep her in school. The land lord had given her regards but she wanted to talk to her sister about a few more options and Shiori had to down play them all saying "She is just too busy and doesn't have time anymore." and "She's trying to get back into school anyway but she says she is really sorry." To say the least the land lord was getting really suspicious and has tried to catch her sister before she 'left' but she never answered the door.

She left the house making sure to lock it before walking over to her sister's car. She had gone to get her license early so she could just drive the car to work and school to keep the landlord thinking that her sister really did leave. Though in order to get her license she had to explain the situation saying that her sister had passed on and that she was on her own legally and she needed a way to get to school then work and back home. It took a long time to convince them but it was fine and she had the money to pay for the test since she had been saving all summer. Now it was close to Christmas and all the stores would be closed and everyone would be off. She dreaded that day because she knew that the landlord would pick then to talk to her sister because she knew they had no more existing family members. Her parents died in a car crash, her sister had died from a very rare illness, her grandparents of old age and her only aunt and uncle had died in a fire three years ago. Her family wasn't the luckiest but she had survived the accident and was well off on her own.

She smiled as she drove the car to school remembering the time her sister had given her the ruby pendant necklace that she now wore around. She never took it off because it gave her some comfort and reminded her of all the great times her and her sister had before she got sick. It made her want to cry but she kept herself from doing so as she parked the car, got out and locked it making sure to grab her backpack. As she walked into the school everyone stared at her and she looked down at the ground as she walked to her first period class but she could hear the whispers. "Have you heard that she has a job now?" One whispered to her friend. "Her sister died of some rare illness but isn't it genetic?" Another asked. "No but you never know who has it." Her friend answered. "She is such a little brat." One of the cheerleaders said. Shiori wanted to cry even more now, she no longer had her sister's protection from them. She walked into her class and set her stuff down and saw the teacher walking over to her. "Yes Mrs.Mia?" Shiori asked. "Is it true?" Her teacher asked he. She looked at her confused by what she could have meant. "Is what true?" Shiori asked her. "You know." Her teacher looked dead serious. "I'm afraid I don't know." She said. "Your not working as a prostitute now are you?" Her teacher asked. "No I work at the mall down the street from my apartment, who said that?" Shiori asked and couldn't help but begin crying now. She hated rumors, her situation was bad but not that bad it wasn't like she couldn't get a job at a decent place. She would never work the streets. "Shiori dear its fine." Her teacher said. "I didn't mean to upset you, I'll put a stop to these rumors its ok. It must be hard on you, your sister just passed, you have school and you have to work. The last thing you should have to put up with are these silly rumors. Listen why don't you go home early today, call in sick to your work and take an early Christmas Vacation." Her teacher said. The bell rang and students began walking in still looking at her, some more sympathetic then others.

"What's the matter with Shiori Mrs. Mia?" One of the cheerleaders asked innocently. She knew that one and wished nothing more then for her to die or end up in the same place she was. "You and your rumors." Mrs.Mia scolded. "Why I don't know what your talking about, though I can't see why you defend a little whore like her." She said now furious that she had been caught in her own lies. "You shouldn't call Shiori a whore Takaya." Mia said. Shiori couldn't help it anymore she was tired of Takaya. "You shouldn't be talking about yourself!" She yelled. "What!?" Takaya yelled right back. "I've seen you working the streets as I pass down my street to get to my job! Just because you don't want anyone else to know doesn't mean you should label me what you are!" Shiori yelled back. "That's not true!" Takaya Yelled even angrier. "You know I drive passed to go to the mall and because you know I've seen you working the streets you want to get back at me! Your lower then dirt to tell you in all honesty!" She screamed. The class began to laugh and say things about Takaya. 'now she'll know how it feels.' Shiori thought. Takaya crossed the room in mere seconds and grabbed Shiori by the hair and pushed her down to the ground. "You little bitch how dare you reveal that." Takaya hissed as she slapped Shiori across the face. Mrs.Mia grabbed Takaya's arm and dragged her out of the classroom yelling at her taking her to the principles office. Then the mood of the room changed. "You shouldn't have said anything Shiori now she'll be in trouble with her parents and she won't be able to get any scholarships or be accepted to any colleges now." One of Takaya's friends said. "Seriously you didn't have to label her a whore." One of the boys said as they watched Shiori stand up. "But she is." She said. She was mad and tired of going through the same torture every day. The class glared at her as the teacher came back in. "Takaya is suspended for two weeks for starting a fight in the classroom and two weeks for spreading rumors about you. Her parents have also been notified though she isn't the only one getting a call home to her parents everyone is you can ignore it though Shiori I told the principle to leave you out of it because it wasn't your fault you were just telling the truth. He also said you can go home for the day, you are on early Christmas break." Mrs.Mia said sympathetically and turned to glare at the rest of her class. "As for the rest of you sit down and wait here." She said. "Come on Shiori I'll walk you out to your car just in case any of the other cheerleaders are hunting you down." She said as she walked with Shiori out to the car. "Thank you." She whispered as she got in the car. "Your welcome if you want I can call your work and tell them that you need to take a couple weeks off." Mrs.Mia suggested. "That would be nice." She said. Shiori told her the phone number for her work and which department before she drove back home. To make her day worse the landlord was at the apartment door waiting for her. "Oh hello Mrs.Erickson." Shiori said smiling. "Your home early." Mrs.Erickson replied. "Yes well there was a small scuffle at school because one of my classmates were spreading rumors about me." She said softly and politely. "So how long have you been living her on your own?" Mrs.Erickson asked. "What do you mean?" Shiori asked her. "The doctors office called today asking to speak to you and I asked them why of course. They told me to express their sympathies and best wishes for your first Christmas without your sister. They explained your sister passed away a month ago, so where did you get the money to pay the rent?" Mrs.Erickson asked and she didn't seem to happy. "I have an after school job that pays me enough to get by and I got my license early so I can drive to school and to work." Shiori explained realizing that it was all over now. "You are still a high school student and you need to have a family unless you are legally on your own." Erickson explained. "I am legally on my own though, no one in my family is alive except for me." Shiori said. "That doesn't mean legally." Erickson explained. "I already went to get it legalized I have the papers if you need to see them." Shiori explained. "Even if you are legally on your own you at least need to have one adult living with you. I have three options for you though. You can stay here as long as you have someone checking on you every now and then, you find a responsible adult that has no problem living with you or I can call social services and they can explain everything to you on why you can't be entirely by yourself and put you in a foster home. If you were a junior in high school I would have no problem but you just started high school so you don't have much leisure." Mrs.Erickson said. "But I've been doing just fine on my own, I pay for my groceries, I can pay the rent, make car payments, insurance payments, save money and still have a little left over for recreation like movies and takeout from time to time." Shiori said. "I know you can but this is law other wise I wouldn't have a problem with it Shiori and it does upset me that they didn't tell you that when they legalized you living on your own." Mrs.Erickson replied. "You have until Christmas day to decide I'm sorry." She said as she started walking off. "But that's the day after tomorrow!" Shiori called after her. "I said I was sorry." The she told Shiori as she disappeared down the stairs. Shiori opened the apartment door, shut it, locked it and sat on the couch looking down at the pendant she wore around her neck. "If only you were still here." Shiori said as she began to cry. She had cried herself to sleep and awoke the next morning to the sound of knocking on her door. She looked to see who it was and it was Mrs.Erickson again but Shiori didn't feel like answering the door so instead she leaned against it. "Go away I don't want to talk." Shiori said. "Shiori there has been a change of plans it seems that Social services is going to be picking up tomorrow morning." Mrs.Erickson said. "You said I have until tomorrow to give you my answer so I could live on my own!" Shiori yelled at her through the door. "I'm sorry but they were told by Takaya's parents. It seems like they don't agree with you being legally on your own and so social services agreed and raised the age its not legal unless your a junior now so now those papers are invalid." Mrs.Erickson replied and then left. Shiori slid down to the floor. 'I hate her! Why can't she just leave me alone?' Shiori asked herself as the phone rang. She got up and answered it. "Hello is this Shiori?" Asked a girl on the other side. "Yes this is her." Shiori said. "This is Mr.Minaka from social services it seems that Takaya's parents would love to adopt you into their family so that is the family you'll be going to tomorrow. I thought I might call and tell you that before Mrs.Minaka picks you up tomorrow morning. Its a really wonderful thing because it usually takes months for a child to be adopted. And I called to wish you a merry Christmas as well bye." The guy said and then hung up and Shiori did the same. "No its not wonderful and its not such a merry christmas either." She whispered to herself and sat back on the couch. She looked at the pendant again. "I wish I could be in a different place, a different world where I could be just fine on my own and make friends instead of meet cruel people who spread rumors." Shiori said as she began to cry again. The pendant glowed and Shiori looked at it surprised, she had to cover her face because the light was getting to bright and when she opened her eyes she was no longer on the couch in her apartment she was in what looked like a forest with colorful plants. She watched as some creatures passed by her that were almost as tall as she was. "Where am I?" Shiori asked as she back up against one of the trees.

Elementary school: "Naps! Hell no I'm hyper as hell and I'm going to bounce off that wall there and make it to the moon!"

High school: "Nap? Hell yeah! *Jumps on bed and falls asleep* Screw the world I gots my comforter and bed that's all I need."

Adults & college students: "I want to sleep but I have freaking work at six in the morning...Screw this crap *punches wall* *kids in the room look like O.O*"

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