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Role Play Profile

Hello. Change is a rather sudden and ominous occurrence. We never know what may come out of it, however we do know that something is stirring. My name is Doburesu. I go by Dob or Jey, if you don’t want to remember the spelling of the name then either of those are fine. I rather enjoy seeing the world move around me so I have a deep love for everyone and enjoy seeing the changes that happen within them. Those are the basics at least.

I’ve spent my life watching and learning from others and in doing so have learned that I’m a rather “evil” person I guess you might say. Although I’m not fond of it I’ve grown accustomed to throwing people into perilous situations in story and trying situations in the real world. I’ve grown out of it, however as I grow older the tendencies still manage to seep out often.

Although in a psychological I’d probably be classified as a ticking time-bomb I’ve found that I rather see to myself, solve my own problems. I’d say I haven’t been depressed in years however, due to a certain situation, I’m very engaged with that disaster again. I can be nervous when faced with uncertain situations and I tend to be very shy and quite, only speaking or making my presence known when I feel I can last in a conversation or when I’m relaxed. I hold honor above all things and courage even more so. If you fight for something put all your will into it and hold yourself in high regard or others will put you in a place they see fit.

If there was anything important I’d say anyone meeting me should know it’s that I don’t hate many things, but I hate liars.

I like interesting stories and groups of people who can work together well to creat an interesting story. If you don’t see me using a villain then my character will, more likely, be very conflicted with good and evil. That or they will outright become a villain at some point. Don’t despair though; that just means my true heroes or regular people are very genuine. I’m just a guy who likes to make stories or join other stories when my imagination fails me.

If you’d like to hear a story of mine then just ask my about a character named ChaoS and I’ll be able to let you in on a project of mine. Other than that I think I’m done.

If you try to get my attention don’t fret, I’m always there. I just need a lot of time to think these days. I always try to be there for those who call on me, so don’t be afraid to call if you need me. My heart still beats after all.

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