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Always looking for a good roleplay

Name: Brent

Nickname(s): Brent, AfroBrent,

Age: 20

Current mood: Meh

Religious views: Agnostic

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Likes:Anime, Sushi, ES, Music, Food, Video games, Movies, Writing, Reading, Hanging out with friends, Literacy, Being happy, Photoshopping, animation, game design

Dislikes: Illiterate people, Ignorant people, Drama, Certain Religious groups, Stupid People,

My current obsession: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Spider-man, Flash, Dr. Fate, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Rising, Kill la Kill, The Wicked + The Divine

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My Longest Post (So Far..) 3219 words, 16963 Characters

Mark reached his home just as the street lights turned on, he opened the door carefully perfectly aware of the kind of control he needed to have in order to not accidentally break things. His life was completely changed now, in order to not accidentally break something or someone he needed to act as if he lived in a world made of cardboard. As he entered his home he was greeted by his mother and father. He dropped his skateboard near the door and went to the kitchen to get some food before withdrawing to his room for the evening. As he closed the door to his room he held out his hand he focused for a moment with a smooth thwip the webbing shot from his wrist and hit the wall across the room.

Mark looked on still amazed that he was able to do something so spectacular, he detached the web and began to gather in case his mother wandered into his room. He didn't want anybody to know that he could do these things because people weren't fond of people with powers. Mark shuddered at the thought of people discovering his secret; there were stories of mutants in other parts of the country being killed, and rumors that they were kidnapped and experimented on. Mark knew at that moment that he couldn't tell anyone about his newfound spider powers. Mark was wondering what he could do with his powers though, he turned on his television and was listening to the news while daydreaming about all the cool stuff he was able to do now that he was unstoppable.

He was droning on in his mind when a loud commercial interrupted him. The commercial was going on about some big wrestling showdown and how there was a large cash payout for whoever could beat their champ. Mark was barely paying attention until he heard about the money, he shot up and watched the commercial as he wrote down the information. The big competition was Friday evening and as per the rules he had to register under a wrestling name and costume. Mark sighed when he heard costume, he wasn't expecting it. He decided that if he wanted his shot at the money then he would need to come up with one.

Mark grabbed a sketchbook and spent the next few hours coming up with designs for a cool but not too hard to make costume. He snuck into his mother sewing cabinet and took some of the spandex that she had. He spent several hours sewing the red and blue design together and creating his mask. He had his basic costume finished and it was a red and blue bodysuit with a red mask and large white eyes. He was thrilled with it but something about it was a little off. He took a fabric marker and decided to put a web pattern on it. When he finally finished he looked at himself and was even more satisfied than before.

He rolled up the costume and stuffed it in his bag, he planned on going to the ring after school Friday to take part. Until then though he would try and come up with a name and not have it sound lame. Mark decided he had enough for one day and went to turn off his lights before dropping on his bed to go to sleep. As Mark laid down he heard a slew of sirens rushing past his house. Being a quite a normal occurrence for New York Mark paid no mind to it and fell asleep rather quickly.

Friday finally arrived and Mark was excited to finally get the chance to make some money. He got ready for school as usual and began his walk. He walked by himself on what seemed like quietest day of the week, there was little traffic and he didn't even see Peter, MJ, or even Gwen walking to school. In fact nobody had seen Peter for days, there were no explanations for why he had disappeared either. Mark got to the school and saw Mary Jane and Gwen together, he made his way over and greeted them
"Hey there ladies, how we doing today"
? "Just fine"Mary Jane laughed and gave him a hug, Gwen shied away from Mark and smiled slightly. Mark laughed as he opened his locker throwing his bag into it. Just after Mary Jane and Gwen began to make their way to class. Mark went to the washroom first knowing they'd leave him behind. He did what he had to do and as he exited the bathroom the ground shook and a piercing boom was heard.

What happened next nobody could even begin to comprehend. There was an explosion on one side of the school. Screams echoed the hallways as Mark was frozen in shock of what had just happened. Almost without thinking he ran back to his locker and tore it off of its hinges, amid all of the panic nobody seemed to notice which was a godsend for Mark. He grabbed his bag and made his way back to the washroom
That was definitely an explosion but who or what was behind it?
Mark wondered. Mark ripped off his regular clothes and just as quickly put on the costume he made several days before.
I've heard of these other costumed heroes but I thought I would see giant lizards in the sewer before I became a superhero

Seconds later Mark emerged from the washroom clad in his spandex, as the masses of students ran from the panic Mark bravely ran towards panic. He heard the screams of others and with each scream he felt fear in his heart but he knew that he was the only one who could stop this threat. He reached the source of the panic and saw a man in complete black armor with a dark mask to cover his face, the man had blades on one arm and a gun holstered in his right side. The man stood in the rubble and quickly drew the gun, in another hand he held what looked like another explosive. He threw it quickly in Marks general direction, his eyes widened in panic as he shot webbing at the explosive. It went off part way through Mark coating it and the resulting blast was slightly muffled. He was able to save a few students but a few other weren't so lucky. Mark flinched realizing that people who he went to school with were now not going to see graduation. He shot a web to where the mysterious attacker was but it missed.

The attacker had got past Mark as he was trying to stop the bomb. Mark turned around and saw him running with his gun pulled and explosives in hand. Mark shouted at him and chased him as he continued his massacre. The man turned the corner and all Mark heard after that was a warped voice screaming
"Finally, I found you, you stupid ignorant fool"
. Mark heard a gunshot and three very familiar voices. Mark froze for a moment as he registered the voices he heard, he ran around the corner and dropped to his knees when he saw Flash on the ground and Mary Jane and Gwen over him screaming.

Mark collected himself and began to chase him even more as the shooter was trying to make and exit. The shooter turned around seeing Mark chasing him and started throwing bombs behind him. Mark was knocking them to the sides as they destroyed the lockers, he made sure they weren't killing anyone though. As Mark was chasing him one of the bombs soared past Mark straight towards Mary Jane and Gwen. Mark twisted his body shooting a web at the bomb trying to pull it away from them but the bomb went off too soon. Mark also shot a web at the shooters feet tripping him and snaring him. Mark heard the screams of Gwen and Mary Jane. He rushed over to them and saw them both unconscious. He checked their vitals quickly gasping for breath and muttering under his breath for them to be alive. He was thankful that they both had a pulse when he checked but he knew without help they might not make it.

Something overcame Mark as he recovered from thinking they were dead. He turned around and in an evil tone ran towards the attacker.
"You, monster. I'll never forgive you for this"
. Mark picked up the shooter and drew back he threw a punch with almost all of his strength. He hit the man in the ribs and heard a crack as the man was sent reeling backwards into a wall. Mark leapt at him again and picked him up punching him in the face several times. The animosity in his intent showing clearly. The visor the man was wearing was starting to break and Mark dropped him falling backwards when he realized what he saw. The man attacking the school was none other than Peter Parker. Mark was frozen wondering what the hell could have happened that would make Peter do this. In his frozen state though Peter managed to get up and make it out of the building.

Mark realized what was happening and ran back into the washroom changing his clothes again. He ran straight for Mary Jane and Gwen as the police and paramedics arrived. Mark rushed them into picking up Gwen and Mary Jane immediately. He was scared, angry and confused all at the same time not sure what had just happened.

Mark was inspected by paramedics but only had minor scratched and bruises. He was allowed to go home and he moved silently to him home. He was smothered by his mother and surprisingly his father when he got there but all he did was stand silently as they hugged him crying. He went upstairs telling them he was tired, he asked them not to interrupt him and when he got there he collapsed realizing that Mary Jane and Gwen might not be alright. He was even pretty broken up that Flash Thompson was dead. He had never gotten along with Flash but he didn't think Flash deserved to die at all.

It had been several hours of Mark drifting out of interrupted sleep and thinking about MJ, Gwen, and Peter. He wasn't sure what his life had just become. He was even more upset that he couldn't save more people. Mark put the costume back on and opened his window. He leaped out and shot a web from his wrist as he began to swing. He needed to clear his head and just lying around wasn't going to help. As he swung around he figured he might try and see if MJ or Gwen were out of surgery yet.

As Mark began to swing he found himself worrying about them more and more hoping that they were alive. Mark was distracted for a moment when he thought he heard two voices, one of them being Peter's. He deviated from his path and made his way to the source of the voices, which seemed to be an old abandoned building. Mark crawled in through the ceiling moving silently as he closed in on the voices. When he finally reached it he was shocked to find out that it actually was Peter and another man. The man was clearly afraid for some reason and with what Peter had done today he had reason.

Peter had his gun steadied straight at the man as he begged for his life. .
"Mercy, you want mercy? Like the kind of mercy you showed Uncle Ben. The man you gunned down for what; the shit amount of money in a convenience store register!?"
. Peter's hand was quivering as he spoke, Mark lunged at Peter when he realized Peter was about to shoot.
Mark yelled as he kicked the gun out of his hands and knocked Peter back. Mark rolled and jumped at Pete pinning him to the ground.
"Don't do this, you're better than this garbage. I heard you talking I know he hurt you Peter in a way you don't think you'll ever heal but you don't have cross this line...again Peter"
. Peter wouldn't hear a word he said though as he struggled against Mark shouting for him to get off of him. The man that killed Uncle Ben took the time to runaway as quickly as he could and he did Peter began to scream for him to get back here and that he would go to the ends of the earth to find and kill him.

Mark picked up Peter as he began to break down and Mark just tried to console him. Peter suddenly stopped and looked at Mark with malice
"You, this is all your fault. I could have finished off that buffoon without hurting her if it wasn't for you. I could avenged my uncle if it weren't for you"
. Mark's head began to buzz as Peter swiped at him with his claws. Mark leaned backwards dodging the claws and as he landed he replied to Peter
"None of this is my fault Peter, it was you who pulled the trigger, threw the explosives and put them in the hospital. And if they don't make it then you're going to wish you died with them when I come for you"
. With that Mark ran at Peter who was in the midst of getting up. With one firm kick to the face Peter was flung into the wall and instantly rendered unconscious.

Mark picked him up and knew immediately what he had to do; he needed to turn Peter in to the police. As he swung he felt a small bit of guilt lifted off of his shoulders knowing that the person behind all of this was going to be brought to justice. Mark saw the station as was swinging and softly landed on the ground. He carried Peter into the station and the officer at the desk was shocked to see two men in costumes walk in. "Stand still" she commanded as she was reaching for something. Mark immediately began talking and told her
"woah woah not here for any trouble, I'm bringing in the guy who attacked Midtown high earlier today. I found him not too long ago, I think he has a few cracked ribs and a concussion though"
. Mark laid him on the ground and placed Peters hands behind his head. Once he finished Mark slowly backed up waiting for the officer to respond. She seemed to be a bit calmed by what he said and frankly surprised "You must be that clown in the spider costume some of the delirious students were talking about. They said you were trying to catch him but none of us at the precinct believed 'em, hell just get out of here you've done enough for today".

Mark nodded and walked out of the building as the officer called for several more to unmask and move Peter to a proper holding facility. Mark jumped into the air and began swinging again, continuing his trip to the hospital. He felt a bit better knowing that Peter was in custody now although he knew that it wasn't enough to take away all of the guilt he felt. Mark made it to the hospital in a decent amount of time but was certain that they wouldn't let him in the way he was dressed. He climbed around the building searching for Gwen's room first. After about five minutes of crawling around the building he saw her lying unconscious. He pried open the window and entered quietly. He slowly approached her bed and just held her hand for a moment. She was lying silently and as motionless a doll. She still looked scared even though she was unconscious. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity he placed her hand back to where it was and climbed back out the window. He sighed and shook his head before her began to for Mary Jane's room.

Her room for some reason was significantly harder to find but once he did he pried the window open and began to walk towards her bed.
"I'm so sorry Mary Jane, just please be okay"
Mark whispered under his breath as he held her hand in his. He kneeled down at her bedside for a few minutes just holding her hand very relieved that she was safe but so sorry that she was even hurt to begin with. He knew that Peter didn't mean to hurt her but the fact that he did remained the same. He just knew that if people found out it was Peter who was the man behind the 'Midtown Massacre' as news anchors called it than he would have no reason to rehabilitate. He only hoped that nobody would figure out.

As Mark stood up he placed her hand back on to her bed, he then slowly made his way back to the window from which he had entered. He stopped for a moment and looked back at her once more before he hopped to the window sill. As he was about to make his exit he heard a very faint voice whisper to him "W-wait, come back". Mark froze in place absolutely shocked that she had woken up and because he wasn't sure whether or not he should just leave. In the end he decided to turn around and return to her.

He slowly approached her quite surprised that she wasn't scared seeing him in his costume. She motioned for him to lean down in front of her, as he did he was shocked when she leaned up to hug him. Mark was not sure what to do as she wrapped her arms around him giving him the tightest and more sincere hugs he'd ever received. In order to preserve the moment he returned the sentiment and hugged her back holding her ever so gently in his arms so as not to hurt her. "Y-you saved me today" she weakly let out. It was clear she was still heavily sedated, Mark held on to her and remained silent.

As she began to let go of Mark her slowly returned her to a sitting position, she looked at him as her hands reached for his mask. Mark for some reason was absolutely dumbfounded and didn't realize what was going on until his mask was just under his nose. He stopped her hand from bringing his mask up any further but before he could roll his mask back down she leaned forward and kissed him. Mark froze completely blown away by what was happening. She leaned back again shortly after and without a work Mark rolled the mask back down and made his way back to the window. As he was on the window sill again he heard her question him saying " Who are you"? Mark turned around and in a strong voice he said
"I'm Spider-Man"

Sample Post

It had been a few weeks since Jason had cast away his old identity as Markus Langdon and taken on the persona of Jason Todd. He had since become a capo in one of the many crime families in Gotham city and had made a decent living while doing it but Jason knew that this was not his life, he knew what he had to do and after a few weeks he finally began with his plan. Jason wanted to crush the Batman but since batman died saving the city the only way he figured to accomplish his goal was to do what Batman could not and save Gotham from the crime that gave it so much trouble. He was going to achieve this goal by any means neccesary.

Jason remained silent, perched upon the rafters just waiting, waiting for his moment to begin his master plan. Since becoming aware of Batman's demise when sacrificing himself for Gotham city he decided that the best way to crush the Batman now would be to accomplish what Batman couldn't and get rid of crime in Gotham. Of course though Jason knew that the complete erradication of crime in Gotham would be impossible he instead decided that he would control crime instead. He would give the mafia enough so they wouldn't hurt innocent people but keep them in line so people weren't dying uselessly. He was going to be a better hero for Gotham than the dark knight was. He was going to be the hero Gotham truly deserved.

Jason watched as small groups no larger than three men filed into a warehouse at a time at different times. Various leaders of drug rackets, counterfitting rings, and gangs who were just starting to sink their teeth back into Gotham were entering. All of them were looking at each other with confused, angry, or suspicious looks not sure of why they were where they are. There was a large table in an otherwise empty warehouse that had a single light in it. Jason was hidden by the darkness, completely concealed from the view of the criminals filing in.
" So whose party is this"
? one of the crime bosses asked looking around the room at the other leaders.
"I thought this was arranged by one of you East side punks"
. Another boss replied.
"No. This here is my little shindig here"
Jason interupted.

All of the men in the room looked at the source of the voice which came from Jason Todd as he held an AK-47 down at them. Jason jumped down from the rafter he was perched on and landed easily on a platform that was held in the air secured to the ceiling. The dim light in the room now showed a muscular shillouette in a leather jacket and a red metal helmet with two white holes for eyes. He held the rifle up to them once more and commanded
"Now sit down"
"I don't have time for your shit, waste him"
! another boss yelled out loud. As he did he and the other criminals pulled out handguns and took aim at Jason. Before they were able to get any shots off Jason let a few rounds go off into the group of men who were trying to take aim at him. The bullets flew at them and hit the table tearing holes through it and scaring the men in the warehouse.
"I said sit down"
! The men all put their guns away and reluctantly sat down.
"Much better. Now listen to me you drug peddeling scumbags, I will be running all of your rackets, rings and gangs from now on. You are the most prosperous criminals in Gotham and now you work for me. You're going to go about your business as normal but pony up forty percent to me. In return I will protect you from Gotham PD. Although, stay away from kids and schoolyards, no dealing to children you got it. Cus if you do you're dead."
Jason explained.

An angry looking drug leader looked up at him and
"Why the hell should we just hand over our shit to you asshole"
. Jason chuckled underneath his mask and then threw a duffel bag on the the table. As the criminals approached the bag they came to realize that the heads of high ranking lieutenants in each of their gangs, several of the criminals recoiled in horror while a few threw up.
"That good enough for you"
? Jason Todd paused for a moment then again yelled down
The name's Red Hood and Gotham is mine now, spread the word"
. Red hood threw down a smoke bomb that he made and a large plume of smoke erupted consuming him. Jasond jumped back up to the rafters and climbed onto the roof of the warehouse. He scanned the area looking to make a getaway, not so much to his surprise he saw a few police roaming aroung,
The gunshots.
Jason deduced.

Jason sprinted silently across the roof and lept from the roof over to the fire escape of another building. He hung off of it for a moment and the pulled himself up. He climbed up the fire escape and ran across the rooftop continuing to make his escape. He ran at full speed trying to gain as much momentum as possible to make a rather long jump. He pushed himself off of the ledge and soared through the air but his jump was not enough he beagn his descent towards the ground. Jason reached out and grabbed on to the fire escape of the building and his body swung into and slammed off of it causing him to loose his grip. He fell another 10 feet and landed on his rifle and a large pile of trash bags which softened the fall.
oh fuck that hurt
Jason thought to himself. Jason lied on the trash for a moment before hearing running approaching the alleyway that he was lying in.
"Don't move"
. Jason quickly forced his body to move and he rolled over and pointed his AK-47 at the man that yelled at him. He saw that it was a Gotham police officer.
"Just walk away officer"
Jason warned.
"Put your weapon down and put your hands behind your head"
the officer commanded. Jason realized that the officer was not going to take his advice and he knew he was going to have to make a call here. Jason dropped his gun and said
"Alright, you win"
as he kicked it over to the officer. As the officer bent down to pick up to rifle Jason brandished a custome made knife and rushed him. The officer tried to shoot Jason but he was too close for him to effectively fire at, before he could get a shot off Jason had stabbed him in the jugular vein and pulled the blade out. Jason covered the officer's mouth so he couldn't call out for any backup. Jason laid the body down and took the knife out.

He looked in the man's pockets and pulled out his wallet and saw a drivers liscence.
"Sorry it had to go down like this Lieutenant Valley, but I told you to walk away"
. He then threw the wallet on top of him, picked up his AK-47 and continued his escape. Jason was sure that the place where the man lie was going to result in him bleeding out and dying ut Jason knew that in order to attain his goal sacrifices would have to be made. He eventually made it to a very secluded area and only after making sure that nobody was around he took off his helmet and changed his clothing into street clothes stowing them away in a bag he had hidden. He slung it over his back and hopped on his motorcycle driving away into the night.
That was too close, I got lucky this time but it probably won't happen again"
. Jason thought to himself. He was aware that he still wasn't as good as he could be he needed some more training to perfect his skills, he needed a little bit more time. But time was one luxury that Jason didn't have , especially after tonight. Jason's plan was now being put into action he had succesfully planted his seeds of triumph over the city of Gotham and Batman's legacy.

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