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Role Play Profile

✧☨Luna Lucis Caelum☨✧

✧☨Original Profile: Choi EunAh☨✧

✧☨Age: 24/26☨✧

✧☨My First E.S. RP. Seven Years Ago☨✧

✧☨ When the world falls around you, and hope is lost. When you find yourself alone. Amid a lightless place, look to the distance, know that I am there...and that I will watch over you, always.☨✧



✧☨Darclyfe: A super amazing guy. One of the few friends that I have left on this site. Partnered as my Noctis in our FFXV RP. Super friendly and a joy to talk too. Very creative and caring ~☨✧

✧☨shesmorethanamemory: An amazingly talented writer who thinks just as thoughtfully as I. Met in our Romanian King RP, where she plays my deeply troubled prince. Has such a sweet heart and always says hi when I log on~☨✧

+ The Crystal King: *Luna & d1gn17y*
+ The Great Vampire Queen. 1x1 need male
+ Castle Behind A Crystal Sky *Closed*
+ Love Hidden Behind the Throne
+ The Dark Elvin King 1x1 Open
+ Noctis and Luna 1x1
+ Elven Love 1x1 need male
+ Final Fantasy 15. *Need Noctis 1x1*
+ Demon Prince and his Angel *open* 1x1
+ Yes My Lord. 1x1 need male God
+ For Valkyira and Luna *closed*
+ The Dark Love Of A Vampire *revamped*
+ The Darkness Noctis & Luna RP
+ The Black Prince: Moon Lovers *open*
+ Mello: Life after Wammy's House
+ *closed*His Majesty
+ The Elvin King
+ ~Missing my love~ 1x1 need male
+ The Romanian King *shesmorethanamemory*
+ When She Comes of Age

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