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Role Play Profile

Current favorite song: I Miss You

Name ~

Gender ~

Nickname ~

Birthday ~

Height ~
Weight ~

Hair ~ Umm.. dark-ish/medium-ish
. And long-ish (:
Eyes ~

Any piercings? ~

Tattoos? ~
Any siblings? ~
Older brother

What do you like to wear? ~

Book? ~ Umm.. Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Darren Shan's books, Terry Pratchett's books, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy", the Sweep/Wicca series, His Dark Materials trilogy, The Hunger Games .. tons more (:
~Okay, I've just realized what my favorite book ever is.
The Hobbit
:3 <333~
Color? ~ Blue .. yellow .. pink .. white .. purple .. :D
Movie? ~ Ah.. I dunno. Seen too much to recount :P
Celebrity? ~ Bill Kaulitz, Christofer Drew Ingle .. Darren Shan :D
Place? ~ Nowhere in particular
Food? ~ Pizza, pasta, tortillas, nachos..
Dessert? ~ Ice cream .. and this foamy thing-a-ma-jig which is 'mannavaht' in Estonian and I do not know how to translate..
Alcoholic drink? ~ Alcohol? Yeugh
Non-alcoholic drink? ~ Smoothies!
Day of the week? ~ Saturday (:
Number? ~ 8
Month? ~ April
City? ~ London
Country? ~ England, Ireland, Italy.. Japan
Animal? ~ Umm.. Panda bears? (:
Time of the day? ~ Mornings
Smell? ~ Ummm.. :-: Oh, fresh-baked cookies! :P
TV channel? ~ Don't have a preference..
song at the moment? ~ Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
Friend? ~ Darcy, Flora, Satoko, Sarah..

Place to be? ~ A party where I don't know anyone! :-:
Time of the day? ~ Late at night - unless I'm reading in my bed all cozy :P
Day of the week? ~ Mondays ._.
Song/music genre? ~ Emm.. Rap probably..
Animal? ~ ...
Drink? ~ Coffee! Yeugh.
Food? ~ Olives, herring, beans .. Can't remember :-:

*have you ever...*
Been so drunk that you cant remember? ~ No..
Cheated ~ No..
Been cheated on? ~ No..
Been in love? ~ Yes. :-:
Been on TV? ~ No..
Stolen anything? ~ No....
Been on stage? ~ Yes..
Passed out? ~ Nope
Had a surgery? ~ Eeh..well a tiny one where they cut some stuff out of my mouth to get my front teeth together? xD
Broken the law intentionally? ~ No ...
Had a friend pass away? ~ No.
Been lied to? ~ Well I don't know, do I?
Been dumped? ~ Nope.

*do you...*
Do drugs? ~ No! ..
Get drunk? ~ No..
Dance? ~ Hate dancing..
Sing? ~ Eeeh, really badly to myself? :3
Play an instrument? ~ Recorder
Get along with your parents? ~ Yeah
Think you are attractive? ~ Relatively
Swear? ~ Eeh, to myself.
Smoke? ~ Nope.
Get motion sickness? ~ No, but I used to.. Yeugh! Though I don't feel too well in cars with that idiotic new car smell. Eeeugh.
Wear contacts/glasses? ~ No.
Get good marks? ~ Yeah
Watch cartoons? ~ Sure (:
Drink milk :3 ? ~ Yeaa :D
Write poems/stories? ~ Yush!
Take a particular medicine? ~ Nope.
Go to the psychologist? ~ Nope..
Have a pet? ~ Had a bunny.. he passed away :( But he lived to be rather old anyway.
Are you allergic to something? ~ Rabbit/cat hair :(
Play an online rpg? ~ Yea :P
Get online on msn a lot? ~ Yeah.
Google a lot? ~ Naturally :P
Have fights? ~ Noo..I don't like making others unhappy C:
Read magazines? ~ Yea
Read comics? ~ Yea :)
How many hours do you sleep? ~ Summer - Around 10. Non-summer - Around.. 6-7.
How frequently do you go to hairdresser? ~ I went to the hairdresser for the first time at the end of the last summer :-: And I'm going to go again this summer, cause I want my hair a bit shorter xD
Get along with your teachers? ~ Yea

What's your preferred genre of music? ~ Pop.. Alternative rock. Some of the older stuff (:
All-time favorite band/artist? ~ Tokio Hotel.
All-time favorite song? ~ Oooh.. tough one :-: Don't think i can answer this :3
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have? ~ 2 CD's..
What's your favorite radio station? ~ I have four. Sky Plus, Raadio Uuno, Raadio 3 & Star FM. (Estonian radio!)

Time you cried? ~ Oh I cry all the time ._. Too emotional.... Never in front of people though :D
Movie you watched? ~ Uuuuumm.. The Thomas Crown Affair methinks (:
Person you talked on the phone? ~ My Mom :3
Cigarette? ~ Never?...
Song played? ~ Well the radio's playing a song that I don't know the name off..And it played Fireflies just before that (:
Thing you ate? ~ Macaroni with chicken pieces! (:
Time you took a bubble bath? ~ Years and years ago :P When I lived in Ireland I only took showers. But the first thing I'll do when I get back to my apartment is take one! (:
Time you got drunk? ~ Again, never.
Time you read a book? ~ I've read 'bout 20 books this summer alone..
Email you get? ~ Probably some notification from some site.
Time you hugged someone? ~ Apart from my family.. My friends, when I was leaving Ireland, so that's about 2 months ago.
Time you kissed someone? ~ About thaaaat... Kinda never kissed anyone..
Time you met someone new? ~ Last September I guess. New friends all around :P But I'll meet a whole school of new people this September..
Time you went on a date? ~ Never..

*do you believe in...*
God? ~ Nope.
Aliens? ~ Umm...Possibly
Ghosts? ~ Possibly..
Afterlife? ~ Possibly..
Yourself? ~ Yea :)
Astrology? ~ Possibly....
Karma? ~ Possibly .......
Magic? ~ Posssibly........ xD

*in a boy*
Hair ~ Soft :P And long-ish. 'Bout shoulder-length? Probably brown or black.
Eyes ~ Umm.. no preference.
Hobbies ~ Reading :D
Style of clothing ~ Casual
Kiss on first date? ~ Yeamaybe..
Love at first sight? ~ It could happen.. (:

Who do you wanna slap? ~ Umm. Bunch of celebrities :P
Who do you wanna kill? ~ No comment..
Your dream ~ Right now? I wanna have a library-room in my house.. And a window seat in my room :D In the future.. oh marriage, kids and whatnot...
Do you want to get married? ~ Yush
Love? ~ Yea..
I wanna be ~ A book editor!
All you need is ~ Love! (:
Identy yourself with 3 words ~ Bookworm, shy aaand quiet?
What is your worst characteristic? ~ Shy..
What are your fears? ~ Umm.. darkness, kinda. :3
Cartman or kenny? ~ Who, or who? :-:
Shoes you wore last time? ~ Sandals.
What is your aim for this year? ~ Not to become an utter outcast in my school.. :-: Possibly go on a date.. Read lotsa books (:
Favourite quote? ~

Sing like no one�s listening
Love like you�ve never been hurt
Dance like nobody�s watching
And live like it�s heaven on earth.


Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love <3


Since we are not together, I pray for stormy weather, to hide these tears, I hope youll never see. I'll do my crying in the rain..


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.. it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Dark Side of the Sun

~By the ever-awesome, Xerxes!

Everyone always talks of the dark sides...

Dark Skies,
Dark Days,
Dark Hours...

The dark is not all-consuming.

Even the dark side of the moon is somewhat light.

Illuminated by the non-existant dark side of the sun.

Let your life be illuminated, too.

And release the darkness unto me.


Life with darkness is like chewing on glass.

Life with me is light.

Come here,
Let me purge you...
Let me purify the darkness.

We'll experience the dark side of the sun,
and welcome the light.

Dazzling, babe.

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