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Role Play Profile

Literate/Semi-Lit: depending on roleplay 2500+ characters each time I post is my goal.

I usually enjoy mature roleplays including alcohol, sex: time skipped or taken elsewhere, some cursing etc.

Love, Family, Friends, and Faith matter the most.

If you'd like to talk or ask me anything feel free to PM me whenever you need. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile!

I mostly like anything to do with romance but just PM me and ask if you have questions or ideas. I can play both genders. I'm up for pretty much anything other than incest but on romance I'll only play heterosexual couples.

My Loves

- DahliaNoir

- SheDevil

- AliceinIvory

- Tothewonder

- Rodiguez_D

- d1gn17y


Here's a sample of my writing for another roleplay if you'd like to get an idea of how I write.

Ben was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Alaina waited for a response for several minutes, but he didn't respond. He seemed to be in deep thought for a long period of time, and she wouldn't have been surprised if he hurried back into the hospital and back in the elevator in order to get as far away from her as he could. Alaina slowly bit her lip, bringing one hand to adjust the heavy blanket that was wrapped around her shoulders to prevent the cold. It didn't help. Why did I do that? She thought, leaning her head back in the wheelchair. Alaina had never been the girl to profess her feelings in such a dramatic fashion, but he changed all of that. She'd always lived by herself, and she'd always provided for herself. Alaina had had to learn how to be independent since high school when her father took up his heavy drinking. She earned everything she'd ever had, and she didn't need anyone to make her feel better. Alaina didn't have much, but she had all that she needed. Or at least she thought that she did... Ben changed all of that. Alaina didn't even try to pursue him. She didn't want to, but he came in and took her breath away just by being himself. Alaina couldn't have changed the result if she wanted to. It was a natural connection, and she'd never felt something with such raw emotion.

After she was admitted into the hospital, Ben made her want to depend on someone else for once. He made her want to find every way possible to tell him how she felt, including a cheesy, huge profession of love on the hospital balcony. He made her want to break the cold, hard barrier that he put up against the world. She remembered their first meeting and how angry she had been.

Alaina remembered how much she despised his close-minded attitude and how little he seemed to care about her life, but she'd grown to understand it. When she was lying in her room in the ICU, she had the opportunity to see people coding and dying all around her. There were countless families that would visit a family member in the hopes of a miraculous recovery only to leave with tears on their faces. Alaina had seen many different people come through the doors of the ICU, lying on hospital beds with tubes worming in and out of their bodies and holding onto any life that they still had. There had only been a few of them that had come out of the same floor alive, and Alaina realized how alike they all were. But there was one thing that set the patients apart from her. They always had someone to check on them. Every single one of the patients that she had seen rushed by her door always had a loved one that came in behind them either hours after or the next day. Alaina didn't have that. Ben didn't want the responsibility of being the person that rushed in after their loved one was admitted to the ICU. He didn't want to deal with more pain than he had to, and he didn't want to lose more people than he did every day.

Why would he ever want to bother with the girl circling down the drain? Alaina finally heard his voice. She had no clue how he felt, but she realized how pathetic she was. Maybe it was the cancer that made her so different... maybe it was the idea that death was around the corner... but Alaina would never be the same, and Ben was part of that. Alaina knew that she'd never see the rain the same way as she did before, and she knew that she'd never view yellow flowers the same either. Alaina knew that she'd never see surgeons the same way, and she knew that she'd never see hospitals the same way either. When he said don't worry, Alaina felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest. How could she not worry? Treatment didn't come first for her. Alaina was tired. She could hardly stand by herself. How could she not worry about how the rain felt? How could she not worry about how beautiful the flowers were? How could she not worry about how pure the heart of a surgeon could be? How could she not worry about the fact that she could finally see the wonders of life that she wouldn't be able to share with anyone else?

Alaina looked to the side as she made up her mind. She didn't even respond to him. All she did was look at him once as he took her back to her room. He'd told her that she was bleeding, but she was used to bleeding. It didn't make a difference to her. Alaina left her head back on the pillow, staring out the window in her room as the rain slowly scraped down the glass. Alaina said nothing. She didn't even wince at the blood or the pain. She just stared at the window until he left. As soon as he'd left, Alaina turned her head to her chart at the end of the bed. She could barely make out his handwriting, but it was visible from her bed. After squinting and slightly sitting up, Alaina made out the words. There was many words that she didn't recognize that were mostly medical jargon, but she understood the point. The chart told other health care workers that she was capable of cardiac arrest at any time, meaning that she'd need resuscitation. There was only one way to change that.

Slowly and weakly pressing the nurse call button, Alaina waited in her bed until a woman came into the room."Is there something that I can get you Ms. White?" Alaina's voice was faint, but it was demanding enough for the nurse to understand. "I need you to get me a pen and this form..." She said, pointing to something on the chart. Alaina barely managed to sit up as the nurse came back, taking the pen in her small hands. Even the pen felt heavy... Slowly swooping the cursive of her name, Alaina dotted her i and dropped the pen. It was over. It was legal. The nurse signed the form after another confirmation, and Alaina let her eyes scan over the form once more. She put it on the chart before laying back under the covers of her bed and falling asleep. At the top of the form were the letters "DNR," and, in small print, there were words underneath the letters that read "Do Not Resuscitate." The form was the first thing he'd see when he walked in the room.

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