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Updated on: 12/14/2016

Hello Everyone, I'm Arcarius.

I am part of the furry fandom and have been for 14 years, I'm a fursuiter and silent performer meaning I don't speak when in character, I'm fond of art and music. My fursona has evolved and changed along the years to what it is now, I'm a DinoRoo. I love making someone's day better, and seeing there face light up. To make people happy is my number one goal even if I'm not happy myself. Over the years my life has been tough I suffer from sever depression and extreme anxiety, but when I suit up all of that seems to change, I don't have to care what people think of me, because they don't see me, I can be my true self.


-We are still here-
This is for every wound we lived through
For everyone who refused to succumb to pain
For everyone who had to deal with their own bodies betraying them
For everyone who sports the scars from noble deeds
For everyone who sacrificed their well-being for love and honor
For everyone who carries the light of hope, no matter how small it may be
For everyone who fights for what they believe in
For everyone who never gives up
For everyone who felt like their best wasn't good enough, but kept giving anyways
For everyone who refused to go quietly into the night
For those who had their hearts ripped out but kept going
For those who shoulder the weight of the world, day in and day out
For those who withstand the unjustified torments of others
For the wounded, the broken, the beaten, the bullied, the bruised and the battered

This is for those that endure.

Age: 25
Sexuality: homosexual
Relation status: Single

Sample Post - Character :Cyrix Ghost

Meanwhile somewhere in the sixth floor of a ten floor apartment building.

The room was quiet as Cyrix lay sprawled across the couch in the mess apartment, it wasn't long before a thump awoke him. Sitting up he looked around the room only to see that the recliner he had pushed against the door to the hall was still in place, upon hearing the thump again his blue eyes scanned to the closed bathroom door, hearing the muffled moans and growls of the dead beyond it he figured one maybe two infected stood on the other side.

As he continued his observation around the room he let out a small sigh of relief knowing nobody had tried to get in, the room was a mess, things seemed to have been thrown around, broken glass lay across the floor, even blood splatter was here and there, defiantly not the ideal living conditions. Standing Cyrix made his way across the room to a rather large backpack that had been placed on the recliner, picking it up he walked over to the marble counter top in the kitchen and placed it down, upon unzipping the main pocket one would see two cans of food, one can of raviolis and another of baked beans with bacon.

There where two more rather big zipped up pockets within that pocket, unzipping the top pocket Cyrix reached in and took out a dark blue t-shirt and placed it on the counter, taking a step back he removed his current white t-shirt and replaced it with the blue one. After putting the dirty shirt in the pocket he zipped it back up and took out the can of baked beans from the backpack along with a bottle of water that was in one of the side pouches, once everything was zipped up Cyrix walked back across the room and looked out a large shattered window for a moment then reached over towards the left where more of his gear lay propped up against the wall such as he M14 EBR semi-auto sniper rifle and his vest, reaching for one of the longer pouches of the vest he took out a combat knife and used it to open the can of beans before placing it back in the pouch where it belonged.

As he stood there eating his beans and looked out the window and the decaying city before his as dawn approached and just began to peer over the horizon. Just then something caught his eye, movement across the courtyard a few blocks down, he couldn't quite tell what it was at this distance it had to be at least six hundred to seven hundred meters away. Quickly placing the now empty can to the side Cyrix then ran back to his backpack on the counter he unzipped one of the longer lower pouches and took out a spotter's scope, running back to the window his movement seemed to agitate the dead with in the bathroom and they slowly started to pound at the door, but Cyrix didn't seem to care at that particular moment in time, raising the spotter scope to his eye he looked though it.

Upon peering though it he saw what looked to be a female walking down the road towards a food market "What do we have here?" he muttered lowly as he continued to watch, he watched her enter then lost sight of her for a moment before catching sight of her once more before he cursed under his breath as he spotted some of the dead start to close in "Look out little guppy" he said as he watched one of the infected knock down a shelf and noticing she might be in trouble, Cyrix lowered the spotter scope and quickly pulled over an end table that was in front of the couch.

Placing the spotter scope down he reached over and grabbed his unloaded rifle and one of the three magazines he had in his vest, one was completely empty, one was full which had twenty rounds the last one only had eleven rounds left in it, that was the one he took, slamming the mag into the rifle then grabbing the spotter scope quickly he used it to range the distance then placing it back down and took the rifle in his hands, propping it against the window seal and pulling back the slide to the rifle to chamber a round he took aim.

Reaching up he ranged the long range scope then looked though it, aiming for one of the far infected to the females right side he fired the rifle and watched as the round hit the infected in the knee causing it to lose its footing and also lining itself up for a followup shot to the skull to which he fired and moved to an infected next to it and aimed for its head and fired which in-turn opened a pathway for the female to make an escape "Come on Run!" he said just as the bathroom door was knocked down behind him. He knew he had just drew a lot of attention to himself by firing, with a light sigh and a deep breath he continued to watch knowing he only had a small amount of time to do so before he would be forced to deal with the two infected that had broken down the bathroom door.

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