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Role Play Profile

Been roleplaying for around 5-7 years now, decided to make an account here.

Mostly prefer Naruto roleplays, however I do also do Bleach, and various fantasy roleplays. Bleach I prefer least because I understand the least about the show's specifics. Naruto I am completely caught up on, and understand pretty well.

Wall of shame (to a degree)
While not a true wall of shame, if your an asshole, and/or a dick about something, something bad enough to get me really pissed, it'll go up on here, where EVERYONE can read it. If you don't want this to happen, treat me with the same respect I treat you, and we'll get along fine.

Username - Reason why
Yukisukano - Very basically, she deeply hurt someone I know. However, as stating reasons would break promises I made to said friend, I cannot state on here why. I will have nothing to do with her though.

$ Naruto, SAO style (CLOSED)
+ For playing around with typed commands
$ The Begining of the End (A Naruto Roleplay)

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