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Update: 3/22/2019


Update after a long time! I know i don't come around here anymore. All my rps are dead and most people i talked to aren't around as much. But this site had been important to me because i made some wonderful friends even if we don't chat as much now. I don't know if anyone will even look at this, but if any of my old friends want to look me up and catch up. I'm on Discord now mostl. So feel free to look me up there. My discord handle is SparoShadows#8060


To love at all is to be Vulnerable - C.S. Lewis


Age: 27

Real Life Status: Engaged to the wonderful Kikido


If you wish to know anything else, just pm me.

My Pet Kiki

Me and Kiki by Silver

picture by Momo

picture by NamaeDesuka

picture by Tiffy

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+ The Hunted (For Kikido)
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+ Monster Academy ((Year Two))
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+ OOC for my friends

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