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Role Play Profile

H2 Hello there.
H4 I am Menace, what else do you need to know?

(font "Castellar" My name is Menace, simple as that.
(font "Castellar" My age is my secret, thank you very much.
(font "Castellar" I am single in average everyday life, but taken by my lovely Lavender.

H3 My likes-

Video games




cake & cookies

riding bike


H3 Dislikes

Roaches, Spiders, big fuzzy worms,

rapid squirrels



H4 I am five foot eight, or maybe nine, who knows.
H4 I weigh one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and proud.

My beautiful and I <3

$ SasuSaku
+ Naruto the Start-OOC
$ I love you Nii-San..
$ EdwardxWinry
$ Beyond the cave that lies..

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