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I'm Sorry for being who I am all I ask is that you don't hate me. My life is mine and mine alone, and I will never be perfect and I will chase away those that have been kind so I'm sorry but while this rope continues to hang from this beam HE will be at the other end ready to lift me into the air and when the day comes when I no longer have the strength to push the rope away, all I ask is that you do not hold anger in your heart for the corpse I am, was, and will become.
Ì̸͜'̛ḿ͝ ͘S҉o҉͝r̀r̸̵͘y̨̛ ͜f̶̢͠ǫr͏ ҉̶Ę̧́xi̸s̷t̡i̸̧͟ń̛g͞.҉̷.̷̀.͟͞

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