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Jaxon would be the first person to admit that he had a bit of a spastic personality. There was no use denying such an obvious fact. He had once agonized for days over Caroline when she'd caught a case of the sniffles, waiting on her hand and foot and worrying so hard that he nearly made himself sick, too. That was probably his worst overreaction to date (somewhat justified by the memory of his parents wasting away of plague right before his eyes), but it was a good example of his character.

The good news was that he was calmed just as easily as he was worked up. One of the few things keeping him from suicidally drastic measures when one of his family became sick was the rest of his family. A few words from any one of them could usually calm his moods. Sometimes, simply the reminder that one of them was watching him act like an idiot worked to bring him back down to earth.

This time, even after Yuki's and Caroline's interjections, Jaxon still wasn't grounded enough to hold himself back. He tried to leap to his feet, but smacked his head on the ceiling and fell back, clutching it with one hand and gesturing imploringly at Caroline with the other. "B-Be careful with that!" he yelped. The realization that there was a living thing in his hands had hit him almost as hard as the realization that said living thing was an unborn dragon.

Jaxon turned and began to shuffle back and forth, pacing as best he could. "Hide? We were lucky to get in and out without bringing the whole royal army down on us! The King won't be the one doing the searching; he'll send knights or mercenaries... They won't all be dimwits."

As quickly as he could, overturning his mug in the process and staining the floor with beer, the young man gathered up the sacks he had been seated on. They were the ones they'd used to carry out their haul. He passed them out, murmuring, "Here, wrap these around your shoulders. They're not cloaks, but they're what we can do. We should leave now, while it's still dark." Sacks distributed, he started in on the gold. "Take what you can carry; we'll have to leave most of it behind. Yuki, take the egg and hide it under your shirt if you can. Keep it safe no matter what, okay?"

It wasn't the poor baby dragon's fault they'd stolen it, after all. Jaxon would be devastated if anything happened to it before it had even hatched... Which brought up the question of when that would be. Like Yuki, he'd heard rumors of the King possessing the last dragon egg, but those had made the rounds years ago. If he hadn't seen the embryo move, he might have thought it dead in the shell. Well, once they'd gotten far enough away from the capital, maybe they could find a scholar who could teach them about how it worked. Until then, he'd just have to protect the little life as best he could.

Jaxon led the way to the trapdoor, clambering out into the cold night air of the hut. The stars shone clearly through gaps in the roof shingles, but the mooon was worryingly low. It was as he turned back to his family that Jaxon realized something else.

Kip. He looked at the young musician, horror-struck. He couldn't leave him behind! What if the King's men found out who'd given them the needed information to break in and steal the egg? Kip would be hung as an accomplice. Jaxon's face hardened. He'd done this to the poor kid; he would make up for it by not letting him get caught. He explained as much to the quiet boy, ending with "...Just come with us, okay? Stick close to me. I'll keep you safe. You're family now." So said, he turned back to the rest of them.

"Follow me, now. Keep low, but don't act suspicious. We just have to make it to the nearest city tonight, and from there we'll be home free." Please let it be true, please let it be true, please let it be true... "We can do this! After pulling this off, we can do anything!" He chuckled somewhat uneasily, took Kip's hand, and led the way into the darkened streets.

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