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Role Play Profile

I'm new to the site. I hope I don't scare to many people off but oh well. I want to make friends but If you don't like my sarcastic and strange humor then don't talk to me. :D

Call me Dream. I don't want you to know my real name. For safety.
My age is none of your lovely business.
I do like to dance and write and read.
I'm a masculine female. So you at least know I'm a girl.
I also have a boyfriend whom I will not give name too. So I'm taken.
I like food. I like anime/manga. I like roleplay.
I don't like sexual things so don't even try.
I do like romance and fantasy in my roleplays. I'm not picky though I love horror as well. And mystery.
I'll play both genders but I don't always want to be the guy. So don't always ask unless you want to compromise. I'll double if you'll double.

Now learn some things about me. Read below. There will be new questions each week.

[pic] 1. the girl I babysit. 2. Shy at first outgoing once I know you 3. My mother 4. I can be unless you hurt someone I love. 5. Yes. 6. Yes he would. 7. I know i'll be in a relationship two months from now. 8. My boyfriend 9. Yes. It does. 10. A worker at my dance studio. 11. "Awe. So no call?" 12. I think it is murder. It's wrong. But that is only my opinion. 13. No. I prefer a smaller group. 14. Yes. I do believe in luck, miracles, karma, etc. I'm pretty superstitious. 15. I was able to spend my fourth of July with my boyfriend. (It was also our anniversary) 16. OH yes. Of course. 17. I'm sure we aren't the only people in the universe now. be reasonable. 18. Not really but he comes up every now and then. 19. Not really. I must be crazy. 20. I don't talk to them. Ones a pedophile. so yeah... 21. I have a habit of biting my lips when I get bored or biting my nails when they aren't straight. 22. Everywhere. Anywhere. Away from home would be best. 23. Yes. I have big trust issues. 24. Going to the dance studio. 25. My breast. 26. Press snooze on my alarm. 27. I'm fine with my skin the way it is. Not to light. Not to dark. Though I wish it wasn't so sensitive. 28. My mother or my boyfriend. 29. A few but I try to avoid getting back together. They only get one chance. 30. Yes. Very much so. 31. Yep. That it is. 32. ...Skip... 33. re43swnnnh 34. I consider dance a sport. So yes. I do. 35. Without TV. Music is my life. 36. Yes. My first crush. 37. Soooo....*busts out into random song* 38. Not really but I do have a problem with 13 year old girls with 40 year old men. 39. Hot Topic and Spencers. 40. Study Ethnomusicology. 41. Yes. In some way they do. Depending on the first time they lost a chance. 42. I'm either really hungry, tired, or upset. 43. Yes. I do. 44. Oh that is so hard but I would have to say the bottom of the ocean. 45. Yes. But with someone I know. 46. Everything. Carnival rides going wrong. Someone breaking into the house and killing someone or myself. Cheating. Possible lost of a relative. 47. "You are just like the rest of my children, whore." It hurt me because it was my grandmother. 48. "You are an amazing, intelligent, beautiful, kind hearted girl. I love you no matter what you do." 49. ...skip... 50. French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Filipino, and many others. I just want to know everything.


[x] You’ve kissed someone your friends didn’t like.
[X] You’ve been lost in the forest.
[X] You love to read.
[x] You are not shy at all.
[X] One of your family members is a bit weird.
[X] You have done volunteer work.
[X] You have a wild imagination.
[X] You love to take care of people in need.
[ ] You’ve had guys like you only because they think you’re pretty.
[X] You’ve rejected at least one person when they’ve asked you out.
Total: 9


[ ] You’re an orphaned child or have an evil mother.
[X] You have many different hobbies to keep you busy.
[X] You can get really bored.
[ ] You have very long hair.
[x] Your hair is/was bright blonde.
[ ] You’re an artsy person.
[ ] You’re childish.
[X] You can’t wait to stop the same routine each day and start living.
[X] You care about others and their feelings.
[X] You like to follow the rules.
Total: 6


[ ] You have/had a pet rabbit.
[x] You love to play cards.
[x] You constantly know the time.
[X] You get yourself in sticky situations.
[ ] You have been to a court.
[X] You have fallen asleep while doing your homework.
[X] You have had a tea party.
[X] You like hats.
[x] You’re late.
[] You know how to play croquet.
Total: 7


[ ] Your dad is rich.
[x] You are very clever.
[x] You’ve been with someone way different from you.
[X] You’d never marry someone just because they were rich.
[X] You have set a lot of goals for yourself.
[x] You don’t have a lot of (good) friends.
[X] You’re independent.
[ ] You are wealthy.
[X] Your parents try to control your life.
Total: 7


[ ] Your boyfriend/crush is strong.
[x] You have gotten involved with the wrong people before.
[X] You are very convincing.
[X] You have fallen in love before.
[X] You have had your heart broken.
[X] You find an interest in Greek mythology.
[X] You lie sometimes.
[ ] You pretend to be someone you’re not.
[X] You have been used.
[ ] Purple is one of your favorite colors.
Total: 7


[X] Your parents expect a lot from you.
[x] You really try to follow the rules, but it’s hard for you.
[x] You’re a bit of a trouble maker.
[X] You love to swim.
[ ] Your favorite animal is some sort of sea creature.
[X] You collect something.
[x] You have/had long hair.
[X] You are adventurous.
[X] You’re extremely curious.
[x] You believe everything people tell you/you’re a bit gullible.
Total: 9


[x] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents.
[ ] You almost died at a very young age.
[X] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful.
[ ] You have a decent singing voice.
[X] You like to sleep in late on the weekend.
[x] You spend most of your time outside.
[ ] You’re adopted.
[x] You’re very romantic.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
Total: 5


[ ] One of your parents is dead.
[X] You are expected to do a lot of chores.
[ ] You love to dress up.
[X] You love animals.
[ ] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming.
[ ] Your mom is really strict.
[ ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you.
[ ] You’re afraid to speak your mind sometimes.
[ ] You have left your shoes at a friend’s house before.
[x] You have/had blonde hair.
Total: 3

Snow White

[ ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you.
[ ] You’ve almost been killed.
[X] You have at least seven good friends.
[x] You’ve had food poisoning.
[X] You have/had short hair. (Only til I was six or seven)
[x] You get along with almost everyone.
[X] All of your friends are different.
[X] You love to have a good time.
[X] You’re happier when you’re out of the house than in.
Total: 7


[x] You get jealous easily.
[X] You loved your childhood.
[X] You like to fly.
[X] You believe in magic.
[x] You’re 5’2” or under.
[ ] You hate pirates.
[ ] You love sparkles.
[X] People underestimate you.
[X] You get angry easily.
[ ] You have/had a treehouse.
Total: 7


[X] You love to walk around and explore big cities.
[X] You are more spiritual than religious.
[x] You’ve been in an interracial relationship.
[X] One of your family members is dead.
[X] Your parents are very protective of you.
[x] Someone you know has been in the war.
[X] You love nature.
[ ] You have/had black hair.
[X] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful.
[X] You’re very adventurous.
Total: 9


[X] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[X] People wish you could be a bit more girly.
[X] You’ve pretended to be someone you’re not.
[X] You’ve had a physical fight with someone.
[X] You have/had considered running away from home.
[X] Your parents try to plan your life out.
[X] A lot of your friends are boys.
[X] You sometimes find yourself in bad situations.
[X] You love your family so much that you’d do anything to protect them
Total: 9

And ta da. Now you know a bit about me. Now get out. :D

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