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STATUS: Work and sleep have been my life lately plz be patient with my posts. If I take a while plz do pm me or something also if my post is bad please let me know I'll edit it. :/

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I'll roleplay practically any thing as long as I feel it's interesting, but I prefer those that use anime/artsy pics and are semi lit or Lit. I hate one liners......mainly rp OOC since canon characters are kinda meh in the whole creativity department. I can wait for quite a long time from 1 week to 1 month when someone disappears without a notice, but I pm when I get bored to check on the person's situation. Other then that just know
I'm lazy active.

Yay a blurb |
I'm in College; so I'm usually busy or just logged on... If you wish to say hi or rp with me, pm me. (Preferably more than two people in RP, but up to the idea of 1x1, if the rp plot sounds interesting.) If a crazy or dumb event ever occurs in my life during a rp I'll let my fellow Rpers.
I hope to see you around.

A few people I really enjoyed rping with..




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